A fashion trend that never goes out of style, denim is an all-time favorite for many fashionistas, fashion icons, celebrities and designers! Especially now that everything denim is considered high fashion, Nudie Jeans Co Malaysia brings you a selection of denim jeans, jackets, sweaters, and apparel to rock the streets! Read more below about Nudie Jeans Co.

Nudie Jeans Co Clothing

Denim like Never Before with Nudie Jeans Co. Singapore

Your favorite go-to outfit, denim jeans have been around since the late 17th and 18th century because of its rustic features and durable fabric. Enhancing the way you wear jeans is Nudie Jeans Co from the Sweden. Like your favorite pair of jeans, Nudie Jeans Co is your best friend; the more you wear it, the better and more comfortable it is. Shape your jeans according to your lifestyle with Nudie Jeans Co!

About Nudie Jeans Co Singapore

Defining denim, Nudie jeans is a clothing brand from Sweden which is a brand under Svenska Jeans AB. Established in 2001, Svenska amped up the brand by creating raw and pre-washed denim jeans which comprises of more than 70% of the company. Denim became the blood and soul of Nudie Jeans Co, creating various collections for men. The brand takes denim to a whole new level by designing top quality dry jeans; the more you wear it, the better it becomes.

Denim jeans collections from Nudie Jeans

What makes jeans from Nudie Jeans co special is their tendency to wear out - but in a good way! Nudie jeans feature raw indigo jeans that gets faded according to how you wear them, giving them a special and personalized design that matches your lifestyle. A pair from Nudie Jeans co needs to be “broken” into as much as 6 months! That way, you would be able to see how gorgeous it looks - faded and ready to take on the day. Jumpstart your Nudie Jeans co shopping with these awesome collections; the further you move on the list, the tighter the fit.

Other clothing options from Nudie Jeans Co

Whike jeans make up to more than 70% of Nudie Jeans sales, the brand also has a selection of apparel that would go well with your faded, rockstar jeans. Nudie Jeans Co Singaporelet’s you in on an awesome treat with these gorgeous apparel and accessories from the brand!

How to rock denim jeans from Nudie Jeans Co

Faded jeans are now the latest in fashion because of its rustic and laid back style. Though denim jeans were originally used for miners in the 17th and 18th century, it has become more of a fashion statement than a need. Here is a quick guide to know how you can rock a pair from Nudie Jeans Co!

Wear a white or bright polo

If you are on the run and you want to look edgy and laid back, then a pair of Nudie jeans co with a white or bright-colored jacket would certainly do the trick! Not only is it masculine, it is also simple and definitely do-able!

Wear it with a blazer

With a blazer, you can take your dark Nudie Jeans Co pants from the office to the party! Choose a neutral-colored blazer (black, white, navy, etc) that looks sharp and machine washable like a two-buttoned, single breasted blazer. Layer it with a lightweight tee and you are good to go!

Be preppy with loafers and driving shoes

Loafers and driving, driving shoes, and country-club fashion are all the rage in today’s fashion! Dark jeans look best with a pair of casual shoes that are simple yet would accentuate your outfit. Choose a shoe color that is lighter than your Nudie jeans (preferably straight cut to skinny), and achieve that laid back look!

Button down and roll up

If blazers are not exactly your thing, then a lightweight button up shirt would definitely be a sure-fire hit! Perfect for the summer, an ultra-light cotton shirt gives you that casual look to die for. You can also roll up your sleeve for that extra bang!

Be edgy with a biker jacket

Tap into your edgy side with a military-style zip jacket or a tan-colored moto jacket. It doesn’t matter if you ride a convertible, a motorcycle, or a rental; the outfit is what counts! Paired with dark Nudie jeans and a layer of lightweight shirt would certainly snatch that look!

The little details go a long way

If you are going to wear your trusty chucks with dark nudie jeans, pair it up with colorful socks for added oomph! The details would certainly elevate your whole look plus, it’s a great conversation starter!

Shop for the hottest denim apparel from Nudie Jeans Co

Denim are all the rage nowadays because of its practical and stylish appeal. Nudie Jeans co takes wearing jeans to a whole new level with their one-of-a-kind raw pair - the more you wear it, the better and more comfortable it becomes. This way, you can shape the way your jeans look, whether it is ragged, torn, faded, or clean cut. Check out the hottest jeans collection from Nudie Jeans co Singapore at iprice!