More than just a place for your child to sleep, a cradle is also important when it comes to the healthy development of your child. Aside from helping your child to sleep safely, it is also important that your child can enjoy his or her cradle. Read more about cradles in Singapore below to find out.

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Choosing A Cradle For Your Child

When you are expecting a child, it is always the best thing to prepare for little prince or princess. As a matter of fact, you definitely need to buy a cradle so that he or she can sleep comfortably. Despite this, a lot of people actually makes a lot of mistakes when it comes to choosing a cradle. This is because they underestimate the cradle since it is regarded as one of the places for the child to sleep. In addition, bad cradle choices certainly can bring problems to your child who is the one that sleeping on it.

Thankfully, you have the opportunity to avert such disaster. With newfound knowledge, you can always make the best decision for your child. Most importantly, the good cradle helps your child to sleep peacefully and healthily at the same time. Therefore, this is an amazing guide that helps you to choose the best cradle for your child.

What A Cradle Should Be

It is essential that you should know to buy a well-designed cradle for the benefit of your child. At the same time, you do not expect that your cradle can be used for a long time. This means that you do not have to spend a lot of money on it. Besides, your child will outgrow your cradle quickly in just 4 months. Hence, it is crucial to consider a number of factors before getting a cradle.

Needless to say, infant sleep safety is a major and valid concern that everyone must pay attention. When you are getting a cradle, it should meet the stringent requirements in order to be considered as "safe". In other words, the cradle has been well-tested to grant you the true peace of mind. The safest cradles are the ones that have mesh walls around them. These mesh walls ensure proper airflow and safe breathing space so that your child can breathe safely without much trouble at all. Another important consideration is that it should use clean materials. In terms of cleanliness, it means that it should contain less harmful chemicals in its construction. This is important to prevent your child from getting poisoned because an early exposure to these harmful chemicals can be very dangerous and might threaten your child's life.

Important Safety Tips that You Should Know

Pets or Toddlers in Your House

If you happen to have a pet around your house, you must take note in the case of your pet who might go around to knock your cradle. Not only that, you may face the situation of playful dog or cat who "love" to explore by climbing in. Similarly, you should extra precaution when you have another toddler in the house because he or she might try to lift your baby from the cradle.

Firm Mattress

A cradle should contain a firm mattress or mattress pads that can fit snuggly without any space around the edges so that you avoid your child from getting suffocated. In a simpler term, this means that you should lower the risk of such occurrence whenever it is possible. Furthermore, you should opt for more mattress or other product that comes with safe-sleep recommendation. If you have found none, it is best for you to avoid using them because they are not safe for overnight sleeping.

Rocking Your Cradle

While it seems fun and enjoyable to rock the cradle from side to side, it is best for you to avoid the cradle design with a motion or rocking feature. A lot of people does not expect that such feature can lead to suffocation as your child rolls against the edge. Such suffocation hazard should be prevented whenever it is possible.