Give you child the best environment with suitable nursery furniture from Singapore. Find out what essential nursery furniture you need here.

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3 Types of Nursery Furniture that You Need to Babyproof Your Home

Children are the greatest gift to parents. We want the best for them. Part of good parenting is to baby-proof our home. Baby-proofing is by no means child’s play. It is tedious and requires the right tools. Thankfully, in the case of furniture, we have the choice of getting nursery furniture.

The beauty of nursery furniture is that most of the items are already catered for your toddler. Eliminating potentially harmful factors such as sharp edges, slippery surfaces, and detachable parts, nursery furniture is the ideal choice for all parents. So what types of nursery furniture should we get? Here are 3 types of nursery furniture you need to baby-proof your home.

Baby rocker

There’s no way you can hold your child while doing your house chores. One sure way to keep your child in one place is to get a baby rocker. Baby rockers, or sometimes known as toddler rockers feature a bucket-style seat where your baby goes in. Many types of baby rockers have a customized handle from both the sides running above the rocker. This handle allows for easy carrying of the rocker as well as for hanging of toddler’s toys for entertainment.

As the name suggests, the rocker also has springs loaded on stilts that hold up the bucket seat. This allows for a bit of bounce for your baby so as to rock him/her to sleep or to create that lulling feeling. Baby rockers can double as baby cribs too when the child is younger.

Baby chair

You might be wondering what difference a baby chair is compared to a baby rocker. In the Singapore parenting scene, most baby chairs have one main purpose: feeding. When you visit a restaurant, you are given the choice of a baby chair so as to keep by a strategic feeding position. Much like a seatbelt, the harness keeps baby in an upright position so he/she can see you about to bring food in. Baby chairs are generally higher than baby rockers (at approximately adult seating height). Most baby chairs have extendable legs and a flip tray to keep a bowl or plate.

Baby gate

Much like how our houses have gates, children also need to be quarantined from time to time. Installing a child gate can prevent your little ones from entering into a section of your house that may be dangerous. Install a metal baby gate to prevent your child from going up/downstairs. Conversely, keep him from entering the kitchen while you are cooking.

Baby gates also serve a good alternative to teaching your child boundaries and restricted areas. Give your child enough space to play with a combination of a child safety gate such as the Farlin Safety Door Gate or the Lucky Baby SG-03 Smart System Swing Back gate.

Now that you know more about nursery furniture, why not check out other baby products such as toddler beds or bassinets in Singapore.