There are many things you can do with you hamper and it doesn’t always have to involve laundry. If you have young children running around the house, try utilizing hampers as storage. The article here provides organizational tips and tricks you can do with your hamper.


Organizational Tips You Can Do with Your Hamper

When push comes to shove, anything can be a great storage space for your trinkets and home goods. Hampers don’t always have to be a space where you and your children leave their dirty clothing in. Sure, clothes hamper makes it easier for you to organize dirty laundry in specific areas of your house and to transport them to the laundry room, but they have many other uses. You can store items like toys, toiletries, linens, and clean, rarely-used clothes inside.

Storing Toys

Don’t put yourself through the torture of stepping on toys that were left on the floor. Store them in laundry hamper baskets and if you’re feeling extra creative, you can organize them based on the type of toys. Stuffed animals and small dolls can also be stored here so your child will never lose them.

Storing Toiletries

Store extra bathing supplies like shampoos, shower gels, and toilet paper all inside hamper baskets. They can be tucked away inside the bathroom cabinet so your bathroom will never appear messy. If you happen to use electronic gadgets in the toilet like shavers or hair straighteners, you can place them in the basket to avoid electrocution.

Storing Linens

You can store linens such as blankets and pillowcases in an unused laundry basket to keep the cool in the summer and warm in the winter. If using laundry baskets, you can even stack them inside your linen closet and label them for a more organized system. It is recommended to use a laundry basket with a lid when storing your linens so specks of dust and bugs will not nest between the sheets.

Storing Clothes

You can even use hampers to store yours and your children’s clean clothes. You can stack winter clothes like jackets, thermal underwear, thick sweaters and other items for safekeeping during the summer. To keep them smelling fresh, place a couple of mothballs inside the hamper.

Storing Pets

You may be wondering, how in the world can you store pets? You don’t have to necessarily store them but laundry baskets or laundry hampers can be a great (and cute) makeshift bed for your furry friends. Lay some soft blanket to act as a cushion for when your pets go to bed. You can place it in your bedroom, living room, and any other areas in your house. It’s easy to clean and maintain, too!

Hamper Designs for Your Nursery

To fit the theme of your nursery or children’s bedrooms, laundry hampers come in all shapes and designs. Cute laundry baskets featuring animated characters in fun, bright colors can complement the space where your children spend most of their free time in.

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