Leather gives off a sophisticated feel to the wearer, so if you are looking for high-quality leather goods that convey class, be sure to spend your money in one of these top notch quality Oasis products for yourself. No matter if it is a formal dinner or your first job interview, dress up with confidence with this world-changing brand!


A Brand For The Boys

Not to be confused with the band Oasis, Oasis Menswear Pty. Ltd is a men’s and boy’s store who seek for style and class. Founded in 1996, they specialize in quality leather goods and aim to create a functional and fashionable menswear by combining both underground fashion values with comfortable daily wear, be it for a casual day out or even work. Oasis also aims to enhance men’s self-esteem and self-image, making them confident in their fashion sense. By wearing an Oasis outfit, it is evident that casual wear does not need to be amateurish but can be completely original, flattering and effortlessly stylish. Combining perfect stitching, with trendy cuts, while adding simple statement designs, there is no doubt that this brand understands men's needs.

Oasis Menswear For Trendy Looks

Oasis not only dresses a man but styles his overall look and appeal. Their designs are can be worn for any affair, from party wear, casual wear or even for your Sunday best look. Put on a short sleeve shirt with a pair of Bermuda shorts from their collection together with a pair of flip flops for a sunny day out to the beach with your friends or you can always pair that shirt with their denim jeans and a pair of loafers for a quiet dinner with your loved one.

Mix and match some of their amazing clothes to create an individual style that will surely suit your personality. Whether you are wearing it for its comfort or for style, Oasis provides you with their amazing collection that ranges from button down shirts, chino pants, denim jeans and the casual t-shirts to name a few, leaving you feeling confident and looking fantastic without having to compromise on quality.

Preserving Your Leather Goods

When it comes to leather products, it is always important that you invest in quality authentic leather goods. Fake or artificial leather is much cheaper than the genuine leather, having a shorter lifespan, and often flakes off. Thus, the aftercare is important.

Leather shoes, for example, is not just about making your shoes look good, but it's also about preserving and adding to the life of your leather shoes. Whether you spend a lot on your shoes or are a budget-conscious shopper, taking care of your leather shoes will extend the life of your shoe and keep them looking like new for a longer time. While different types of leather require different types of care, here is a handy guide for you leather shoes lovers for keeping your shoes clean and looking their best:

Shoe tree

  • For the uninitiated, a shoe tree is a device that is placed inside a shoe to preserve its shape, preventing it from developing creases, and thereby extending the life of the shoe.
  • They help to remove odor and absorb moisture and maximizes the life of the soles.
  • Cedar trees are the only effective type of tree. Plastic and metal do not achieve the drying effect.

Suede Block and Brush

  • The block is used for removing dirt and stains from the suede or Nubuck, use a good amount of pressure when erasing the stains and dirt.
  • The brush also helps in cleaning and can be used to brush the suede and Nubuck to improve its appearance.

Shoe spray

  • They protect the surface of the shoe, making it easier to clean if they get dirty.
  • The spray is usually non-silicone based to ensure that it doesn’t change the color of the footwear.
  • Contrary to the popular belief, the spray does not make the shoes waterproof — just water resistant.

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