Health care is crucial to any family, especially when it comes to health monitoring. Always have your first aid box prepared with the best products from Omron Healthcare Singapore.


Omron’s Commitment to Health Care in Singapore

The core business of Omron revolves around the commitment to improve people’s lives as well as ensure a better society.

Omron was founded by Kazuma Tateisi back in 1933 as Tateisi Electric Manufacturing Co., until 1990 when the company rebranded as Omron. From the beginning, Omron focused on producing innovative medical equipment for health monitoring, including the following:

  • Thermometers
  • Blood Pressure monitors
  • Nebulizers

Today, Omron is still the leading brand in the market with more products that have become every family’s health care essentials:

  • Respiratory Therapy
  • Temperature Measurement

Omron’s first technology development was Mr Tateisi’s X-Ray photography timer that was effectively operated at an unprecedented speed 1/20 of a second. The inspiration behind his innovation came from the Founder’s x-ray salesman suggestion. His product was built and tested at Nissei Hospital in Osaka, based on the final prototype that Mr Tateisi provided. He then sent it to Dai Nippon X-ray Manufacturing Co., and the legacy of Omron began right there.

Here is a brief timeline of Omron’s innovations throughout history:

1935: Its Relay Factory was built as business picked up.

1943: Omron expanded the category of Automation Devices.

1960: Omron successfully developed the “dream switch” that could endure up to 100 million cycles increased.

1970: The era of Omron’s advanced research of science and technology in enhancing the wellbeing of society. Omron SINIC Theory was founded in this year as well.

1972: Omron introduced the SYSMAC PLC, a programmable sequence controller with an improved processor in 1968, and became Japan’s leading corporate in the manufacturing industry.

1987: Omron brought people and machines closer to the development of fuzzy logic technology.

1991: From the previous development, Omron had successfully produced the F300 Vision System that is currently used in printed circuit board packaging lines.

2002: The first plan of reaching the huge market of Asia – China. Omron opened the first regional office in the same year.

Omron Healthcare Products in Singapore

For every family, taking care of an individual’s well-being requires a great understanding of different symptoms of sickness. To assist your family in monitoring the body better, trust in Omron’s range of medical equipment.

Blood Pressure Monitoring

High blood pressure can lead to serious health conditions or even death if it is not treated properly. Always prepare a high-quality blood measurement tool to ensure stable blood pressure while at home. There are 2 types of blood pressure monitors: Upper arm and wrist type.

  1. JPN 2: A product made for hypertension that has the ability to detect irregular heartbeat.
  2. HEM 7130 L: A tool for body movement detection plus hypertension indication with sufficient memory for 60 reading.
  3. HEM 6131: A wrist placement blood measurement that can detect body movement, detect a heartbeat as well as indicate blood pressure.

Temperature Measurement

The range of digital thermometers include: Forehead type, Ear type, Pencil type

  1. MC 720 (Forehead type): Simple and quick measurement that features LCD screen, buzzer, and 25 memories storage
  2. TH 839 S (Ear type): Features alarm when detects fever, converter from Farenheit to Celcius in an ergonomic design
  3. MC 343 (Pencil type): The most common digital thermometer; not only is it functional with a flexible tip but also is waterproof for long-lasting duration.

When indicated with high fever, remind yourself and others to drink plenty of clear water, avoid stuffy environments, and never consume alcohol.

Weight Management

Omron also developed a range of personal weighing scales that are at high quality and beautifully designed.

  1. HN 286: A simple 4 sensor scale with automatic power function (On / Off) as well as weight management
  2. HN 289: A newly introduced model that boasts a sleek design, weight selection ability with an accurate screen displayed, and 4 sensors.

Below are some of the most common signs of diabetes that you should monitor:

  • Your body is constantly dehydrated even after drinking lots of water.
  • You eat more than 3 main courses and always feel hungry
  • Your metabolism is very low
  • Your genital area starts to get itchy
  • Your healing process from wounds is slowing down

Omron Clinical Products

  1. HBP 1300: An advanced blood pressure indicator developed using oscillometric technology, simple for usage with 7 segments LCD
  2. HEM 4030: A hypertension detector with an average of 3 Reading

Trusted Products from Omron Singapore for a Better Lifestyle

Never take your health for granted, always stay prepared with sufficient medical equipment at home, and at the same time learn more about the symptoms of the common diseases to protect your family.

When it comes to technology and life improvement, Omron is the brand that you can trust. Omron is indeed your family’s personal doctor who will not only ensure the highest quality tools for health monitoring but also provides you with loads of useful information about general health care.

Frequently Asked Questions About Omron Healthcare Products

Which Omron BP monitor is the best?

Best Omron Blood Pressure Monitors Price List in Singapore

Omron Blood Pressure Monitor Singapore



Omron HEM-7120 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

S$ 49.00


Omron HEM-7280T Connected Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

S$ 159.00


Omron HEM-8712 Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

S$ 89.00


Omron HEM-6221 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

S$ 89.70


Omron HEM-7130 Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

S$ 159.00


Omron HEM-7600T Wireless Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor



Do Omron blood pressure monitors need calibration?

Calibrating blood pressure monitors is crucial as it helps to generate accurate results and ensure consistency. Omron blood pressure monitors need to be calibrated every 2 years if they are for personal or home use. If they are used in clinical environments, a yearly calibration is recommended. Most Omron blood pressure monitors come with a 3-year or 5-year warranty. You can send your blood pressure monitor to service at free of charge if you still keep a copy of your receipt or invoice.

Where can I calibrate my blood pressure machine?

Head to Omron Service Centre in Singapore to calibrate your Omron blood pressure machine. The address is as follows:

438B Alexandra Road,

#01-03 Alexandra Technopark Block B (Lobby 1),

Singapore 119968.

What is the latest model of Omron blood pressure monitor?

One of the latest models of Omron blood pressure monitors is the HEM-7600T Wireless Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor that’s packed with advanced technology features. No more dragging the wire - this wireless blood pressure monitor is lightweight and modern-looking. Not only does it provide very accurate readings, but it also allows you to sync the historical records of you or your loved one’s blood pressure to the Omron app. This monitor costs S$179.00, available at Shopee Singapore.

How do you take blood pressure with an Omron wrist cuff?

Here are a few steps when taking a blood pressure measurement with an Omron wrist cuff, or also known as the UltraSilent BP Monitor:

  1. Do not take a measurement within 30 minutes of eating, exercising, bathing, smoking, or drinking alcohol.
  2. Sit comfortably in a chair while keeping your back straight and your feet flat on the floor.
  3. Place the cuff on your wrist, half an inch above your wrist bone.
  4. Press the “Start/Stop” button on your device and then elevate your wrist to heart level.
  5. The heart-zone guidance feature ensures an accurate reading every time by activating the monitor at heart level. The blue indicator light will appear when it’s placed at the correct height.
  6. Remain still until the cuff automatically deflates, and your results show up on the screen.
  7. Make sure to record your readings or sync to Omron’s App.
  8. Finally, press the “Start/Stop” button to turn off the monitor.

Note: It’s crucial to take measurements at the same time every day and use weekly averages to compare your blood pressure readings.

For further information, visit the Omron Healthcare website to know more about taking accurate blood pressure measurements as well as other healthcare products that suit your needs better.

What is the price of Omron Oximeter Singapore?

Omron oximeter is currently unavailable in Singapore, hence its price is not listed. However, you can opt for an oximeter from other equally well-known brands such as Rossmax, Huawei, and Xiaomi.

What is the average blood pressure for a 70-year-old?

According to the New York Times, the normal blood pressure is a reading below 120/80. The top number indicates the systolic pressure (when the heart beats and is pumping blood) while the bottom number signifies diastolic pressure (when the heart is at rest between beats). Based on a guideline by the AARP (American Association of Retired Persons), for individuals aged 70 years old or above, they should aim for blood pressure below 140/90, whereas those with diabetes or kidney disease should maintain at or below 130/80.