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OnePlus Price in Singapore December, 2018

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OnePlus offers top-of-the-line smartphones with a capacious battery life. If you want to make your handset’s battery last longer, learn from these simple tips and tricks here. Or, check out the latest OnePlus products below!

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OnePlus 3T 64GB Soft Gold
S$ 718.40

features a 5.5 multi-point capacitive touch screen with 1920 * 1080 resolution, dual SIM card and dual standby design, equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 64-bit Quad Core Cpu, 16Mp front camera 16Mp super light sensitive back camera, 6GB RAM and 64Gb Rom, which supports Gps, Light sensor, Gravity sensor, etc. Features General Design: CNC exquisite workmanship with metal body, wear resisting and anti-grease coating, anti-dirt, anti-scratch, anti-fingerprint, silk smooth and soft touch, which is totally just designed for your hand, everyone will love it. Display: 5.5 1920*1080P FHD display, high light transmittance and color saturation, technology of integrating layers of protective glass and touch sensor into one, power saving, especially for eyes protection. Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 Cpu: Latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 64-bit Quad Core 2.35Ghz, 6Gb+64Gb high efficiency of data processing, which supports numerous convenient and funny APPs. Oxygen OS: Custom-made OnePlus UI, based on Android 6.0, A breath of fresh air. Super Camera: Back professional 16Mp camera; Selfies look amazing with a 16Mp auto foucs front camera and Beautify Tech. Lightning-fast 4G-Lte Network: Fdd-Lte, Tdd-Lte, Wcdma, nearly full global coverage. Fingerprint Unlock Technology: Light press to unlock phone and keep privacy. Battery and Dash Charge: 3400mAh longtime talk and standby, double-side Type C port, 5V 4A Quick Charge. A Day's Power in Half An Hour. Others: Nfc, BT 4.2, WiFi, Gps, G-sensor, L-sensor, D-sensor, Gyroscope, Hall-sensor, E-compass, etc.

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OnePlus 3 Graphite Grey
S$ 593.80
Personal Digital

It’s about time for a smartphone without compromises. A smartphone conceived and built by tech enthusiasts, hand-in-hand with users. A smartphone born from amazing technology, design, and innovation.It’s about time for the OnePlus 3.But, you shouldn’t take our word for it. You be the judge. Dash ChargeA day’s power in half an hourNot all fast charging technologies are created equal. Dash Charge for the OnePlus 3 is faster, safer, cooler - and simply better - than any other charging technology available today. Providing over 60% charge in just 30 short minutes, Dash Charge changes the way we think about convenience. DesignPlease touch the merchandise.We’ve taken our obsession with aesthetics, quality, and usability to a whole new level. The OnePlus 3’s metal unibody is carved from a single slab of premium aluminum, resulting in an ultra-thin design with a satisfying, solid build. CameraSmart CaptureOur 16Mp camera boasts lightning-fast shutter speed, snappy autofocus, and intelligent software to deliver an unmatched user experience. Cutting-edge noise reduction technology ensures that every shot is sharp and crisp, while two advanced stabilization methods prevent unwanted shakes and movements. Capture that stunning photo or video, every time. TechnologyDon’t worry, we got this.We packed 6GB of Lpddr4 RAM into the OnePlus 3. Overkill? Maybe. Awesome? Yes. The top-of-the-line Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 820 processor and Adreno™ 530 GPU make apps, games, and other intensive applications a breeze. Dual nano SIM support means you’ll always be connected, and with our vivid 5.5” Optic Amoled display, all of that power under the hood is just as nice to look at as it is to use. OxygenOSLighter, more powerful, and super sweetOur latest version of OxygenOS makes life a little bit easier and a lot more exciting. We’ve created a fast, clean, and bloat-free OS, based on Android Marshmallow. Features that give you more control to personalize your smartphone experience, like screen-off gestures and customizable buttons, are all built right in. It’s the pure Android experience you love, enhanced for customization, performance, and battery life. Sounds pretty sweet, right? The most important partAt OnePlus, we know that the best phone is the one that works exactly how you want it to. No restrictive carrier contracts or software constraints have a say in how you use your OnePlus 3. Our mission isn’t just about building a better phone - it’s about building a better way of doing things. FasterLess time in the socket, more time in the pocketDash Charge produces a larger electric current rather than increasing pressure, leading to stable, consistent charging speeds. While high-intensity activities like gaming slow down most quick charge technologies, Dash Charge continues to operate at full force. CoolerA smarter way of doing thingsDash Charge carries more current than other fast charging solutions, and at lower temperatures. Normally, heat generated through charging is dissipated in the phone itself - this causes performance issues during active charging, throttling CPU and GPU speeds. By shifting the power management system and heat dispersion elements to our Dash Charge Adapter, very little heat ever reaches your OnePlus 3.

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Top OnePlus Price List 2018

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OnePlus 6 S$ 657.30 Shopee
OnePlus 5T S$ 649.90 Lazada
OnePlus 5 S$ 529.00 Qoo10
OnePlus 3T S$ 499.00 Qoo10
OnePlus 3 S$ 345.00 Lazada
OnePlus X S$ 479.40 Amazon
OnePlus 2 S$ 369.50 Amazon
OnePlus 6 256GB Midnight Black S$ 780.00 Qoo10
OnePlus 6 128GB Midnight Black S$ 781.60 Amazon
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OnePlus 6T

Cheapest at Qoo10 S$ 649.00 Go to Shop

Extend Your OnePlus Phone Battery Life with these 9 Tips

Today, it’s rare for you to get a week’s use out of your handset because of the Wi-Fi and data services. Along with your phone’s big, bright display, Bluetooth, etc., it’s difficult to make use of your phone much longer than 24 hours without charging it. However, by following these simple steps, you would be able to improve its battery life significantly.

Use Auto-Brightness Feature

Your smartphone’s big, colorful screen is actually the battery’s nemesis. This is because of all the components in your handset, the display consumes the most battery life. Fortunately, this can be mitigated by using an auto-brightness feature found on your OnePlus handset. It will adjust your phone display’s brightness to suit ambient light settings. Not to mention, it will use less power compared to a phone screen running at full brightness. But if you want to get better results, just turn your display’s brightness down to the lowest setting; just make sure you can tolerate the dimness of the screen. All in all, the auto-brightness feature is the right setting to help extend your phone’s battery life dramatically, even if you do nothing else.

Keep the Display Timeout short

The Display Timeout feature determines how long your phone’s screen stays active after receiving input. You can find this under your handset’s display settings menu. If you want to get conserve battery, choose the timeout setting with the shortest available time. Keep in mind that every second counts, so choose the setting with the minimum time of 15 seconds.

Do not always enable Bluetooth

Bluetooth technology can enable a wide range of gadgets, from hands-free headphones to wireless speakers. However, keeping this turned on without using your devices can consume your phone’s battery. So, if you are not playing music wirelessly, then it’s best to switch off the Bluetooth. That way, you can extend your smartphone’s battery life.

Do not always enable Wi-Fi

Apart from the display, the handset’s Wi-Fi is a strong battery drainer. Since people in Singapore often use home or office Wi-Fi, they tend to forget to toggle it off when they go out the door. They will just turn it off when they are going to use data services. To make it easier to toggle off the Wi-Fi, just add the Wi-Fi widget to your home screen. That way, you can just simply swipe down from the top of the screen and tap the icon once to disable it.

Do not always use location services and GPS

Aside from Wi-Fi and mobile data, GPS is another big battery sucker. But you can manage this by revoking the app’s access to location services. Or, choose “Battery Saving” if you don’t use the GPS.

Do not install apps that drain your battery for no benefit

When installing apps, always think about what you allow them to access. Enabling your apps to work with your location, SD card, or camera might be convenient but is not always necessary. Other apps that you don’t find useful but require you to grant many permissions will just drain your battery for no benefit. So, it’s best you do not install them.

Do not leave background apps running

Multitasking is one of the most powerful features found in most OnePlus smartphones in Singapore. This allows you to run multiple apps at one time. To enable multitasking mode, just tap the multitasking button found at the bottom right of the screen. Keep in mind that this uses up a lot of energy as each app you open takes up your handset’s processor cycles.

There’s a solution to this though – just keep your apps up-to-date to eliminate bugs that increase your phone’s CPU workload. Also, with your phone’s built-in battery monitor, you will be able to determine exactly how much energy each app is using. This will help you spot the apps that consume too much power. If ever you find one, just uninstall it.

Avoid using vibrate

Some people prefer to have their phone alert them to incoming calls by vibrating instead of playing a ringtone. However, a phone’s vibrate setting uses more power compared to playing a ringtone. this is because the vibration motor inside the handset rotates a small weight that causes your smartphone to shake. This process uses a lot of power. So, if you don’t want to be distracted audibly, just toggle off all the notifications and have the phone near your view so you can see when you receive an incoming call.

Disable unimportant notifications

Essential notifications like new text messages or missed calls should always be enabled. But other than that, you can just toggle them off to help extend your phone’s battery life. Also, disabling superfluous notifications can help you get rid of pointless distractions while you’re working.