Choosing the perfect pair of sports shoes is not an easy matter. You will have to see its fit, its capability, durability, functions, design, and a lot more. So when it comes to picking out the best pair that allows you to maximise your performance, one brand that stands out from the rest is hands down, Onitsuka Tiger. Having collaborated with numerous names in the fashion scene, Onitsuka Tiger now infuses both sports and casual into a pair of footwear. Shop the best pair of shoes for yourself with Onitsuka Tiger Singapore!

Is Onitsuka Tiger the same as Asics? | Where are Onitsuka Tiger shoes manufactured? | How can you tell if an Onitsuka Tiger is real?


Onitsuka Tiger Singapore: Two Onitsuka Tiger Shoes and Three Collaborations You Wish You Had

Every brand is known by its best-sellers, products that were created for the sole reason of changing the whole fate of the company. Hailing from Japan, Onitsuka Tiger is known worldwide for its iconic Mexico 66 and the Ultimate 81, two types of Onitsuka Tiger shoes that have captured the hearts of many and the feet of many more.

Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66

These retro-cool sneakers were first introduced in 1966 and became the mark of progress with the famous tiger stripes that remained unchanged on every pair of Onitsuka Tiger. This shoe features tonal leather, suede upper with soft lining and traction-loving outsole and was first seen in the Olympic Games in Mexico in 1968.

This classic runner that made an appearance on the feet of the legendary Bruce Lee in the movie Game of Death is available in vibrant shades of yellow, red, black, and turquoise. Till this very day, even after modifying the design, the Mexico 66 remains the most popular shoe in the Onitsuka Tiger collection.

Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81

A fashionable, comfortable, and the quintessential symbol of Onitsuka Tiger, the Ultimate 81 makes a strong comeback after being considered the absolute in technical running during the 80s. This vegan shoe is sure to please the older and the younger generation with its modern styling. This shoe comes with a lightly-padded collar and tongue for the perfect comfort, fit, and feel.

Onitsuka Tiger Collaborations

Onitsuka Tiger is always branching out and collaborating with a variety of creative individuals from visual artists, fashion designers, art collectives to sneaker boutiques. This collaboration refreshes, reinterprets, and reinvents classic collections and offers excitement for their ever-growing fan base.

Onitsuka Tiger X J. Crew

Onitsuka Tiger Japan is globally known for its wavy stripe motifs and making the world’s best retro running sneakers on the planet. When they collaborated with J. Crew, the go-to store for everything a Brit man needs, the fashion industry literally stood still.

This collaboration brought forth two great styles, the Fabre Low and Colorado 85. The Colorado 85 is designed in multicolour creation exclusive to J.Crew, a sporty yet not too geeky footwear. The Fabre Low is more for the minimalists out there. Its basic tennis style that is available in 3 different shades is perfect for those who love the simple lifestyle.

Onitsuka Tiger X Koi Klub

Since Koi fish are the perfect representation of the Japanese culture, it only makes sense that Onitsuka Tiger collaborates with Koi Klub, (just because of its name), a German label that is known for its contemporary fashion and streetwear to unveil the amazing collection of sneakers and accessories.

Each of their designs in this line features a laser-etched Japanese character “濃い” on the left and the “恋” on the right, which carries the meaning of “intense” and “love” respectively. And since both of these words are pronounced as “koi”, Koi Klub uses this as their inspiration for all its designs.

One of their designs that stood out the most was the Mexico 66 Dress LE. It’s an updated take on the classic Mexico 66. This footwear oozes premium qualities with unique solo tooling, elaborate eyelet detailing, rounded laces, and an upper made of suede with contrasting accents. And to complete it off, the Mexico 66 Dress LE is debossed with the Koi Klub logos on the insoles.

Onitsuka Tiger X Andrea Pompilio

Forget about sweating it out to look fabulous for Onitsuka Tiger X Andrea Pompilio is the perfect partnership between the sportswear spirit of the Japanese brand and the urbane and international style of the Italian designer. Having graced the runway with Prada, Calvin Klein, and Yves Saint Laurent, it’s the perfect time for Andrea Pompilio to add a twist to his design by incorporating this Japanese sports brand into his creations.

He showcased his great ability to mix technical and functional elements in a swerve of street-ready designs as he delivers his calm yet chic style to the limelight. On the runway, Pompilio sent out coats and jackets in a raw-edged, felt-like material while T-shirts and cowl-minidresses were designed in a high-tech jersey. He only used red, white, and black but in different materials and textures to represent the marriage of the athletic and street look.

There are many ways you can rock out your sneakers from the Onitsuka Tiger collection and still look good with comfort ensured. No one said that you could only walk in it to the gym. Check out the best footwear and accessories that you can get from Onitsuka Tiger!

Frequently Asked Questions About Onitsuka Tiger

Is Onitsuka Tiger the same as Asics?

Both brands are slightly different. ASICS was originally established under the name Onitsuka Co., Ltd in September 1949. As Onitsuka Tiger slowly garnered popularity for its Mexico 66 design featuring distinguishable tiger stripes, the company joined forces with GTO and JELENK to establish ASICS Corporation. What set Onitsuka Tigers shoes apart from Asics footwear are the designs and functions ‒ the former putting an emphasis on sportiness and retro style, while the latter crafts shoes with sports like marathon and trail running in mind.

Where are Onitsuka Tiger shoes manufactured?

Onitsuka Tiger shoes are manufactured in several countries in the world, including Japan, Italy, China, and others. Shoes from the Nippon Made series are manufactured in the brand’s own factory in Japan to ensure consistent quality. They are all crafted by artisans, so no two pairs of shoes are entirely identical. Each customisation work that goes into the Nippon Made shoes showcases Onitsuka Tiger’s attention to details as well as an emphasis on exceptional handiwork. As for the Made in Italy collection, the shoes are remodelled with premium leather and suede constructions under the hands of dexterous Italian shoemakers for an extra element of opulence.

How can you tell if an Onitsuka Tiger is real?

Most Onitsuka Tiger shoes that have been made counterfeit are Mexico 66, Ultimate 81, and the Serrano. If you have obtained a pair of Onitsuka Tiger at a price that seems too good to be true, you may want to check a few features to identify whether they are authentic or not. Here are some great tips on spotting a fake Onitsuka Tiger shoe:

  1. Poor, loose, or uneven stitching
  2. Material is low quality and comes with wrinkles
  3. Residual glue spots can be seen around the midsole and outsole area
  4. The colour of the stripes appears brighter than the authentic one
  5. Check the ending of the stripes as well, compare them to the close-up snapshots of authentic shoes to see if the design of the tiger stripes is identical to that of the real pair
  6. The rubber upper of Mexico 66 should feel solid and rich, instead of bulging out

A good rule of thumb when purchasing Onitsuka Tiger shoes is to obtain them from credible online fashion retailers such as Zalora, YOOX, TANGS, or from the brand’s official website. You may also visit Onitsuka Tiger’s physical store to have a try-on with their athletic products. All of this can prevent the hassle of double-checking the authenticity of your Onitsuka Tiger footwear.

How do you care for an Onitsuka Tiger?

Here are the care instructions for Onitsuka Tiger sneakers, as stated on the brand’s official website:

  1. Clean the sneakers with a shoe cleaner and a soft cloth/brush. Alternatively, clean the surface using cold water and a mild detergent.
  2. Keep your Onitsuka Tiger footwear away from direct sunlight, avoid storing them in an extremely hot environment.
  3. Avoid cleaning your Onitsuka Tiger sneakers in a washing machine or dryer as the cleaning process will cause damage to the footwear.