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After a dark and gloomy day, a beautiful rainbow is promised to light up your life. A smile would magically appear as soon as you set your eyes upon this colourful and majestic ray of lights. When the word OPI is mentioned, you would surely beam from ear to ear as you imagine endless rays of colours just begging to be painted on your nails. Just like how a kid would feel when they enter a candy store, the gush of excitement and joy you would feel when you gaze upon the vibrant and beautiful colours offered in the OPI collection.

About OPI in Singapore

No matter if you have a youthful and playful personality or a more serious and elegant one, OPI has all the colours that suits the different drama you face every single day. Armed with more than 30 years of experience in the nail industry, OPI has taken the whole fashion industry by storm when they collaborated with the Hollywood world. Having worked with many different A-listers like Katy Perry, Selena Gomez and even with Alice in Wonderland and Legally Blonde 2, OPI has clearly proved its name as one of the best when it comes to nails. OPI is a definitely must have for those who are crazy about nail painting and everything that goes with it.

OPI Social Media

The nail is not the only industry OPI has taken over for they are also deeply involved with the social media networks. They use Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as their main social media sites to stay connected with their fashion savvy women. Do follow them to get updated on everything that makes OPI awesome in Singapore.