Pamper yourself with a good body massage with premium Osim relaxation. Get Osim massage chairs and more here in Singapore by purchasing online. Give your body the rest it needs with Osim Singapore on iPrice. Read more about popular products from Osim Singapore!

What are the best OSIM massage chairs? | Where do you place a massage chair in your house? | Do massage chairs use a lot of electricity?


Top Osim Price List 2021

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OSIM Udream Massage Chair S$ 9,499.00 Shopee
OSIM Udivine V Massage Chair S$ 3,999.00 Shopee
OSIM uLove 2 Massage Chair S$ 8,397.00 Shopee
OSIM uMist Dream S$ 99.00 Shopee
OSIM Ujolly 2 Back Massager S$ 499.00 LazMall by Lazada
OSIM uSqueez 2 Leg Massager S$ 699.00 Shopee
OSIM Unano Series Massage Chair S$ 2,888.00 Shopee
OSIM uMask Eye Massager S$ 49.00 Shopee
OSIM uDivine Mini 2 Massage Chair S$ 1,499.00 Shopee
OSIM Ujolly OS260 S$ 328.00 Shopee
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OSIM Udream Massage Chair

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OSIM Singapore – Great Massage Made for Your Health

Have you ever got home after a long day wishing you could get a nice back massage? Do you want to enter a time of relaxation where you can sit back and enjoy a full-body rub without being bothered? If you answered Yes to these questions, then OSIM has got just what you need. OSIM Singapore is known for its massage chairs and incredible innovations that aid you with rest and relaxation.

Enter Relaxation with OSIM

If there’s one thing you should know about OSIM, it is the amazing rest and relief you can get with its simple massage equipment. In Singapore, you are sure to bump into public places where OSIM massage chairs are located. Try one, and you’ll know what we’re talking about. Let’s look at some OSIM products you can get today:

  • Massage chairs
  • Foot massagers
  • Handheld massagers
  • Back massagers
  • Eye massagers
  • Hip massagers

OSIM Massage Chairs

Massage chairs don’t just help your body relax but also alleviating stress and pressure. When not in operation, OSIM massage chair provides support and padded comfort in your living home & office. Some massage chairs you can find from the brand are:

  • OSIM uInfinity Luxe
  • OSIM uDiva Classic
  • OSIM uLove
  • OSIM uNano

OSIM Foot & Handheld Massagers

For a more focused area of effect, you should look at OSIM foot and handheld massagers. OSIM foot massagers include the uPebble, uSqueeze, and uPhoria massagers. The handheld massagers, on the other hand, include uDolly, uPamper 2, and uGem. Each is made for a specific type of revitalising and stimulation. Heighten your senses and pamper yourself with pleasure anywhere and anytime with these amazing machines.

OSIM Neck Massager

As we work on our laptop for a long period of time, our neck and shoulder can get sore and tensed. OSIM's uCozy 3D is one massager that has warmth function to promote blood circulation and alleviate muscle aches. Engineered with ergonomically designed 3D massage nodes and firm dual-directional kneading action, the uCozy 3D provides deep tissue relief for body aches. Not only that, its angled design can cradle your neck snugly so you're receiving an intense and targeted massage.

OSIM Air Purifiers

Did you know that OSIM makes air purifiers? Not many people know that. In fact, OSIM makes both air and water purifiers. Having air purifiers in your home or office helps to clean your atmosphere. Some of the famous OSIM air and water purifiers you can find online are the uMist Dream and uAlpine.

OSIM Trade-In

If you're a long-time OSIM user looking to upgrade to a new OSIM product, you can actually trade your current OSIM product in just by filling out their online form. As for the selection of new OSIM products, you can choose from uDiva 2, uDivine V, uLove 2, and uDream Well-Being Chair.

Frequently Asked Questions About OSIM Singapore

What are the best OSIM massage chairs?

  • OSIM uDivine V - Uses 720-degree roller balls to deliver 4-hand massage with V-Hand technology, which is akin to the massaging techniques of a masseuse. OSIM provides free downloadable massage programmes that bring new massage experiences once downloaded to the massage chair.
  • OSIM uDiva 2 - A massage chair that looks like a sofa. Features Power-Ball massage that targets the head, shoulders, back, and lumbar region. Its adjustable footrest comes with 3 massage modes - Squeeze and Knead, Roller, Vibration. Compact yet achieves all the basic massages to relieve tension or aches in the muscles.
  • OSIM uInfinity Luxe - A luxurious massage chair boasting zero-gravity mode that provides you with optimum relaxation. It generates a kind of sensation similar to a real-person massage. Massage options can be customised based on your preference. Its head massage attachment helps with rejuvenating yourself by focusing on your acupuncture points.

Where do you place a massage chair in your house?

While the living room is a common area to place a massage chair, it is also possible to place your massage chair in some other spacious areas like your bedroom or home office. Do keep in mind that when you’re purchasing a massage chair, make sure its colour and size matches the colour scheme and size of furniture in the space designated for your chair so that it won’t look out of place.

Do massage chairs use a lot of electricity?

Compared to many electronic products and household appliances out there, massage chairs use relatively less electricity. Experts have mentioned that massage chairs with the most advanced features only use up to 200 watts of electricity, which is equivalent to the electricity usage of a desktop computer. Compared to other appliances, a waffle iron requires between 800 and 1000 watts of electricity while a refrigerator needs 500 to 700 watts of electricity. It’s less likely that a massage chair is a major contributing factor to an expensive electricity bill.

How do I check my OSIM warranty?

To check the warranty information of your OSIM product, please feel free to contact the OSIM Service Centre directly via live chat on for almost-instant assistance. The staff will be able to help you on the spot from your browser. Note: all OSIM products come with free 1-year full coverage warranty.