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OSIM Singapore – Great Massage Made for You

Have you ever got home after a long day wishing you could get a nice back massage? Do you want to enter a time of relaxation where you can sit back and enjoy a full-body rub without being bothered? If you answered Yes to these questions, then OSIM has got just what you need. OSIM in Singapore is known for its massage chairs and incredible innovations that aid with rest and relaxation. What’s better, you can get all your favourite massage equipment online with iPrice Singapore. Simply check out the hand-picked product range above or read more below.

OSIM – A Name Known Worldwide

Before the era of massage chairs, OSIM was not a commonly known name. Today, this company has brought physical relief, rest and relaxation to people all over the world. Founded in China, OSIM was first introduced in the Philippines. The Chinese brand took the world by storm, coming up with its first line of massage reclining chairs in 2003.

Starting off with the iSymphonic, OSIM was able to cater to those who wanted private relaxing and full body massage without a masseuse present. OSIM also focused on health and beauty equipment to give a holistic approach. With the focus on feet, back, shoulders and even eyes, OSIM produces equipment to ease your tired body.

Today, OSIM is a name popular even here in Singapore. It is so popular, you can get it online at the lowest prices. Read more to find out which OSIM products suit your lifestyle best.

Enter Relaxation with OSIM

If there’s one thing you should know about OSIM, it is the amazing rest and relief you can get with its simple massage equipment. In Singapore, you are sure to bump into places where OSIM massage chairs are located. Try one and you’ll know what we’re talking about. Let’s look at some of OSIM categories of equipment and furniture you can get today:

  • OSIM massage chairs
  • OSIM foot massagers
  • OSIM handheld massagers
  • OSIM back massagers
  • OSIM eye massagers
  • OSIM hip massagers

Among these, the most popular ones are the OSIM massage chairs and foot massagers. Just take a look at OSIM massage chairs and you will realise that you can use them as part of your home’s furniture.

OSIM Massage Chairs

Massage chairs just don’t help your body relax but also alleviating stress and pressure. When not in operation, OSIM massage chairs provide support and padded comfort in your living home & office. Some OSIM massage chairs you can find are:

  • OSIM uInfinity Luxe
  • OSIM uDiva Classic
  • OSIM uLove
  • OSIM uNano

OSIM Foot & Handheld Massagers

For a more focused area of effect, you should look at OSIM foot and handheld massagers. OSIM foot massagers include the OSIM uPebble, OSIM uSqueeze and OSIM uPhoria massagers. The handheld massagers, on the other hand, include OSIM uDolly, OSIM uPamper 2, and OSIM uGem. Each made for a specific type of revitalising and stimulation. Heighten your senses with these amazing machines.

Priced at a range that is incredibly affordable, these massagers can be used whenever and wherever you want to. Much smaller than their OSIM massage chair counterparts, these little machines pamper you with pleasure anywhere and anytime.

OSIM Air Purifiers

Did you know that OSIM makes air purifiers? Not many people know that. In fact, OSIM makes both air and water purifiers. Having air purifiers in your home or office helps to clean your atmosphere. Some of the famous OSIM air and water purifiers you can find online are the OSIM uMist Dream OSIM uAlpine.

Shop OSIM Online at the Best Prices

The best thing about OSIM these days is the variety of equipment that comes along with its name. From famous massage chairs featured in movies to foot massagers loved by all households, OSIM has a special place in our heart. Even better, these days we can get OSIM online at the lowest prices in Singapore. Bringing in the latest technology for rest and relaxation, OSIM gives us options to access massages and more with these amazing technologies.

How much is OSIM in Singapore?

The prices of OSIM products in Singapore might vary, depending on which item you’re planning to get. If you are looking for aN OSIM massage chair or any OSIM massager, below is a price table of OSIM’s best selling products in Singapore:




OSIM uMist Dream

S$ 99.00


OSIM Ugem 2 Handheld Massager

S$ 119.00


OSIM uScalp 2 Waterproof Scalp Massager

S$ 149.00


OSIM uGalaxy Eye Massager (Os112)

S$ 199.00


OSIM uJolly 2 Back Massager

S$ 499.00


OSIM uAlpine Smart Air Purifier

S$ 649.00


OSIM Mini Massage Sofa Os862

S$ 899.00


OSIM uVibro Exercise Lounger Os899

S$ 2,849.00


OSIM uNano Series Massage Chair

S$ 3,049.00


OSIM uDivine V Massage Chair

S$ 3,749.00


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