Looking for lighting fixtures for your home and office? Osram provides you with brighter, better, and more energy-efficient alternatives when it comes to lights and light bulbs. Find out more about Osram Singapore and its extensive array of products below.

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Osram – Bringing Light into Your Life

The invention of the lightbulb has changed the way we perceive the world forever. Through constant reinvention and innovation in technology, Osram has quickly adapted better ways to light up the world. Founded more than a century ago in Munich Germany, Osram Singapore has provided the best lighting fixtures for its customers for generations and remains a trusted brand amongst Singaporeans today.

Osram has integrated cutting-edge technology to ensure that it manufactures better lighting fixtures for home, commercial, and industrial usage. From infrared and laser lighting to smart and connected lighting solutions, Osram Singapore is your go-to brand for your lighting needs. Today, the brand is gearing towards delivering LED systems which are more energy-efficient and less costly compared to traditional light bulbs. The company continues to undergo constant research and development to provide improved lighting solutions for its global consumers.

Osram products can be seen across multiple professional industries and sectors which will be further explained below. Here are some noteworthy lighting products offered by Osram:

Automotive Lighting

Osram Singapore manufactures a large variety of lighting fixtures that can be fixed on your vehicles. Equipped with halogen and xenon technology, the automotive performance lamps from Osram provides enough illumination to ensure your car and the route is well-illuminated to provide better visibility, especially at night.

Besides external lamps, Osram Singapore also provides stylish lights that you can fix in your car’s internals. The brand has a wide array of beautiful and stylishly designed automotive lamps gives your car an unmistakable modern look. These lights will turn your vehicle into a real eye-catcher, enabling you to make a statement without uttering a word.

Various lamp technologies and product lines mean that you can select the right lamp to suit your personal preference. From headlight lamps to fog lights to interior lights, Osram provides you with all the necessary lighting needs for your vehicle. Whether it is for your car, motorcycle, truck, or scooter, the light fixtures provided by Osram is able to fit your vehicle perfectly. The automotive products offered by Osram include:

  • Car Lighting
  • Motorcycle Lighting
  • Truck Lighting
  • LED inspection and warning lights
  • Scooter Lights

Outdoor and Indoor Lighting Solutions

Lights can not only be used to illuminate a space for you to see better but they can also serve as decorations to beautify a space, adding an element of elegance and grandeur. The professional-grade lights provided by Osram can be used for indoor and outdoor usage that can complement the design of your home and office effortlessly. These light fittings provide powerful light intensity without using too much electricity, maximising efficiency and minimising wastage. Osram also ensures that you have full control of your lighting with its light management solutions. The products that are available in this category are:

  • Indoor Luminaries
  • Outdoor Luminaries
  • Light Management and Control
  • Dynamic Lighting
  • Services
  • Essentials

Opto Semiconductors

Osram is also at the forefront of technology and its products are proof of how innovative and technologically-advanced the brand is. The company is focusing heavily on LED technology on its products as LEDs are known to be more energy-efficient, producing more light while requiring less electricity. The laser diodes and infrared emitters are commonly present in many devices today such as smartphones, touchscreens, and projectors.

  • LED (Light Emitting Diodes)
  • LEDs for General Lighting
  • Laser Diodes
  • Infrared Emitters, Detectors, and Sensors

Digital Lighting Systems

Osram also enables its customers to deliver Smart Building and IoT projects with the use of its digital lighting components, software, and systems. Using cutting-edge technology which enables Osram’s systems to provide maximum performance and flexibility, Osram’s digital lighting is an integral part of many industries today. Osram is trusted by original equipment manufacturers (OEM) to produce top-quality lamps for their products. The products available in this category include:

  • Light Engines and Modules
  • Electronic Control Gears for LED modules and dimmers
  • Light Management Systems
  • Electronic Control Gears for traditional lighting
  • Lamps for OEM customers

Entertainment Lighting Solutions

When it comes to entertainment events, light effects can play a big part in building the atmosphere, infusing the event with energy and excitement. Osram’s presence is seen in world-class entertainment fields thanks to its CLAY-PAKY and ADB brands. Being superior in terms of robustness and quality, the products categorised under these brands are the ideal choice amongst light designers. Another reason why CLAY-PAKY and ADB products are favoured is because their reliability and durability reduce the total cost of ownership, hence improving the bottom line of rental companies and distributors.

Products that are manufactured under the CLAY-PAKY brand include moving body and moving mirror projectors, colour-changers, followspots, and many more. These products are commonly seen in entertainment sectors such as theatre, television, live events, discos, theme parks, etc.