Gardening is a fun and productive hobby that are best enjoyed with physical labors of love. In order to perform gardening tasks, specific tools and equipment are necessary. Click here to check what tool you will be needing in order to make your garden flourish.


Outdoor & Garden in Singapore

Gardening is a fun activity by most individuals who are fond of nature and the beauty of the outdoors. Such hobby though wouldn't be complete without the equipment and accessories that are necessary in performing specific tasks that involve gardening. The scope of Gardening greatly depends on the size of the area that's being worked on and the type of gardening that will be done. In order to carry out these specific tasks, there are different tools and equipment that are needed to complete such tasks.

Basic Hand Tools

These are the basic tools that could cut, rake, dig and burrow. Without these, it would be painstaking to start out your own garden.

  • Hand Trowels - Both wide and thin blade widths.
  • Hand Cultivator -For working up the soil.
  • Shovels - Spade for digging also a Round Point Shovel.
  • Rakes - Leaf rake, a stone rake, and a landscaping rake for grading.
  • Garden Fork And Pitch Fork - To turn compost or scoop mulch.
  • Good Push Broom And Scoop Shovel - For clean up.
  • Edger - For cutting clean bed edges.
  • Wheelbarrow or Garden Cart - carying toting and moving materials and plants.
  • Mattock Or Pick Axe - Dislodging rocks and hard clay.
  • Digger Bar - To pry and break up rocks.
  • Pruners - A good pair of pruners will be a great investment.
  • Loppers - For pruning off branches up to 1 1/2 "in diameter.
  • Folding Tree Saw - To trim off larger branches.

Watering Equipment

What's a garden without plants? In order to maintain its vitality, plants need to be watered as much as it needs. Also, watering equipment play a very important role in keeping the entire garden moist and for cleaning tasks, without it it would be impossible to clean your garden and keep it fresh. Below are some of the basic set of gardening equipment that should be present in your kit. Of course depending on what type of gardening you are doing you may not need some of these items, but most if not all would find a use at some time in the average garden.

  • Good Garden Hose
  • Adjustable Water Nozzle
  • Watering Wand
  • Lawn Sprinkler
  • Watering Can

Power Equipment

The power equipment is the muscle of every all gardening equipment, it will enable users to perform heavy duty gardening tasks to be done with ease. epending again on the particular circumstances and condition of the garden, the equipment listed below are normally found in the average garden, investing on these will prove to be very worth it in the long run.

  • Leaf Blower- great aid in cleanup especially fall leaves.
  • Small Gas Cultivator - Used to cultivate larger beds or around vegetable plants
  • Chain Saw - For larger cutting Jobs
  • String Trimmer- To help get hard to mow edges and around obstacles.
  • Gas or Electric Hedge Trimmers

These pieces of gardening equipment are all important in the maintenance of a garden, some are essential others are there to help cut time and labor. Ultimately it is up to the gardener to decide what is essential and what kind of investment they are willing or can afford to spend.