Sort out the power outage in Singapore with the most convenient solution – generators. Generators come in all shapes and sizes. Here are four that you may want to look into.


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4 Types of generators you can get

The phenomenon of electricity cuts in Singapore is part-and-parcel of our daily lives. It’s so common that some people have come up with simple, ingenious ways to overcome the power outage at home. For the most of us, we have the option of getting generators and power converters to keep our electricity flowing and our lives going as per usual. But what are the best types of generators available today? Let’s take a look at four different types of generators that produce electricity and how they can make our lives much easier.

Gasoline generator – the basics

When looking for generators, we look for those that can maximize their ability to turn one energy source into electricity. The basics of this is the gasoline generator. Working as a simple engine-like machine, the generator starts up like a lawnmower. With exhaust fumes coming out one end of it, its rate of pollution may not be encouraging, but the generator does the job well. It also is relatively small in size. it can fit in any home (but we recommend you put it outside).

Gasoline generators are also cheaper than other types of generators. Cheaper to run too! As these generators are powered by gasoline, all you need to do is head to your nearest gas station and get your petrol in a bottle or Gerri can.

Diesel generator

Next in our line-up of generators, comes the diesel-powered generator. Much like its petrol-powered sibling, the diesel generator runs like an engine. On one end the fuel is inserted, on the other, electricity is generated. This combination makes for easy usage. unfortunately, diesel fumes are burned to produce a much stronger smell than petrol and could cause uneasiness when breathed in.

The good thing about diesel is that it is renewable energy. You won’t have to worry about your impact on fossil fuels in the future. You will need a ratio of 80:20 (diesel to oil) to power up your generator through a cold start.

Natural gas generator

For those in the industrial sector, you may want a high-powered generator. You can look for natural gas generators. These large machines produce thousands of kW per second and could power large machines as well as buildings. The downside to natural gas generators is the combustible gas when a leak happens. As we know, natural gas is highly combustible so heavy precautions must be taken when using these generators.

Hydrogen generator

We take one step into the future with the prospect of clean energy in mind by using hydrogen generators. Not in mass production yet, hydrogen generators are the next in line for producing quality energy that is not only clean but renewable. Much like natural gas, hydrogen is highly combustible so the generator must be used with many precautions. But hydrogen-powered machines are not a thing of the future. For hundreds of years, scientists have been experimenting with hydrogen as a source of fuel. Today, we are lucky enough to witness this research taking form.