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Panasonic ES-RT30 Rechargeable Shaver at 132.90 SGD from Harvey Norman
Panasonic ES-RT30 Rechargeable Shaver
S$ 132.90

The ES-RT30 is a shaver from Panasonic for men who wants a well-groomed look. The powerful motor of the Panasonic men's shaver gives an efficient performance.

Key Features

  • The 30 degree inner blades on the Panasonic ES-RT30 men's shaver are sharp and it gives you a smooth shave without causing any rashes or injuries. Featured with a flexible pivoting head, this Panasonic ES-RT30 shaver adapts to all the contours of your face and neck. These blades perform three times better than a single blade and give you a fine shave.
  • The Panasonic ES-RT30 shaver runs both on electricity and on a rechargeable battery. This battery gives you a powerful cordless shave up to 45 minutes after charging for 60 minutes. When run on electricity, the Panasonic ES-RT30 shaver gives you a constant corded shave.
  • The universal range of voltage required for this Panasonic shaver to operate smoothly is 100 - 240 V. The Panasonic men's shaver features low battery and charging status indicator for your convenience. The Panasonic men's shaver is a perfect choice for an effortless shaving experience.
  • The body of the Panasonic ES-RT30 men's shaver has curvy edges and fits your hand comfortably. The well designed hand grip of this men's shaving product makes the shaving process easy. The maintenance of the Panasonic shaver is convenient as you can simply wash the shaving head with plain water.
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Harvey Norman
Panasonic ES-LC60 Rechargeable Shaver at 209.90 SGD from Harvey Norman
Panasonic ES-LC60 Rechargeable Shaver
S$ 209.90

The Panasonic Rechargeable Shaver features a 3-blade cutting system to deliver a fast, close and comfortable shave, sure to fit perfectly into your morning routine.

Key Features

  • 3-blade cutting system – 3 foils helps catch and cut hair cleanly to offer a thorough shave.
  • Featuring nano technology 30-degree inner blades, the Panasonic shaver cuts hair at its base for close, smooth shaving.
  • The Panasonic rechargeable shaver recharges in 1 hour and offers up to 45 minutes of shaving.
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