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Women are drawn to Pandora jewellery like mayflies flying toward lights.Its little sparkling pendants or charms are the dreams of every lady, especially because they have the power to tell her life story without saying a word. Read more about the charming world of Pandora jewellery here.

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Pandora Pandora Hollow Christmas Necklace at 15.00 SGD from Lazada
Pandora Pandora Hollow Christmas Necklace
S$ 15.00 S$ 30.00
Prices updated on 25 Jun 2017

Genuine Pandora jewellery at great prices on iprice Singapore

Pandora jewellery –The magic wand of every woman’s fairy tale

Jewellery has long been a powerful weapon for women to emphasize their feminism. And standing out from the lavish world of diamond and gold, there’s Pandora – a brand that has won the hearts of many ladies with its delightful collections of jewellery. What set it apart is the personal aspect that is reflected through the designs of charms and pendants as well as the aesthetic touch of the Nordic art.

Pandora is known for its sophisticated jewel style that embraces not only the elegance of the sterling silver material but also the distinctive inspiring story behind each collection. We all have an abundance of thoughts that most often are unspeakable; hence wearing a piece of jewellery that can help us to tell that untold story matters more than just styling with an ordinary accessory.

To those who are in need of an outlet to unleash your creativity, simply choose Pandora to mix and match a bracelet that is unique to only you. Also, don’t limit your jewel game to only one or two pieces of jewellery, stack them up to bring your style to the next level!

Pandora jewellery collections for lasting memories

The jewel brand is most famous for its astonishing sterling silver material as well as the splendid 4 and 18 carat gold. Each charm is carefully hand-crafted with adornments including diamonds, quartz and topaz besides other gems like pearls, amber, cubic zirconia and crystal.

A design by Pandora is instantly recognized everywhere in the world for its exceptional beauty and more importantly, its significant emblem of each collection.

  • Friendship
  • Spirituality
  • Dignity
  • Love
  • Sensitivity

A complete Pandora bracelet will inspire you to express your true self in confidence and style. Or it can also be a wonderful gift to show your love and gratitude to your friends, lover and family in the loveliest way. Who wouldn’t fall for a piece of jewellery that represents their personal style and characters as stunning as Pandora. Check out the following collections for more ideas:

  • Pandora Essence Collection: with striking embellishment of the signature Pandora’s charms, you can create the most gorgeous adornment for your wrist. Write your own life story by collecting all the Pandora’s 600 charms designs.
  • Disney Collection: bring your childhood dreams back to life with Pandora’s featured charms collection of Disney’s iconic characters.

Don’t forget to also collect the wonderfully crafted Pandora necklaces and pendants to paint your life in dazzling sparkles! You can choose from sterling silver, 14 carat gold or exclusive Pandora Rose. Similar to the tory-telling charms, a Pandora’s pendant also holds a distinctive meaning to it that impeccably reflects a lady’s thoughtful soul.

Celebrating 30 years of Pandora moments

The brand Pandora has become more significant than just a jewellery company throughout its journey of 30-year long. Countless of moments have been created from a single Pandora charm that turned into a lifetime memory. Pandora inspires every woman to take control of her life and create her own destiny. With each piece added on to her Pandora charm, a remarkable life chapter will also be imprinted on the book of Pandora. Let’s continue to spread the inspiring thoughts through Pandora Jewellery with iprice Singapore.

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