Founded in 1888 by George Safford Parker, Parker Pen today is one of the most well-known stationery companies manufacturing luxury pens worldwide. Read below to know more about Parker Pens.

Is Parker ink good? | Where to buy Parker Pens in Singapore?


The Most Popular Parker Pens of All Time

Parker Duofold Classic Black Gold Trim Ball Pen

The Parker Duofold Classic is perfectly designed with luxury in mind, reflected by its precious metal and rich cast resin finishes. This stunning ball pen is made from black cast resin with 23kt gold plated trim and has been one of the most popular Parker pens since 1921. Presented in a Parker gift box, the Duofold Classic comes with a two-year warranty and a black medium ball pen refill.

Parker Urban Cab Fountain Pen

An urban style and dynamic curves present a superb modern fountain pen. The Parker Urban Csb Fountain Pen is a perfect gift for someone with a very confident writing style and in the love of ink.

Parker Sonnet Stainless Steel Gold Trim Rollerball

The Parker Sonnet pen is the purest expression of Parker style and elegance. This gold trim rollerball is a perfect gift for any occasion from a birthday present to a retirement gift. Every detail is well executed and the elegant brushed stainless steel and gold finish trim perfectly complement each other for a truly luxurious and elegant effect.

Parker Sonnet Stainless Steel Palladium Trim Slim Ballpoint Pen

Sleek and beautiful design, the Parker Sonnet ballpoint pen is stainless steel and is great for a sensational gift. A good ballpoint pen can help you to capture those great ideas or set life goals and what better way than helping to curate ideas while writing.

Frequent Answers and Questions About Parker Pens

Why Parker Pen is expensive?

The reason why Parker pens are expensive cause it is primarily based on the material and brand value. Parker is a great and well-known multinational company. Thus, it contributes significantly to the cost. Besides, Parker pens are also durable and reliable.

Is Parker or Cross pens better?

Depending on your own preference and choices, Parker pens are for people who usually write fast or hard. Whereas the Cross pens always give a solid, precise, and of a higher quality feel whenever you write.

Is Parker ink good?

Yes, Parker ink is good for writing but certain inks like the Quink Blue Ink should not be used as a permanent or historic document type ink. Other than that, Parker inks are of great value, beautiful color, and high-quality imported ink. You can never go wrong with all three Parker Quink ink colors in your collection.

What is special about Parker pens?

Parker is one of the luxury pen brands that are well-known by most people around the globe. The pens they make are highly reliable and of premium quality with an affordable price tag.

Where to buy Parker Pens in Singapore?

Parker Pens can be purchased in the stationery shop or in Tangs. Alternatively, you can also purchase Parker Pens online through Parker's official company website or through Shopee and Lazada. There are a lot of shops in Shopee and Lazada that sell a wide range of Parker products.