When it comes to your baby and child, you want to provide only the best for their safety and happiness. Parklon playmat offers superior quality, a large variety of special designs, and the perfect amount of protection for your little ones.

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Parklon Playmat - All You Need to Know About This Popular Playmat Brand

What is Parklon?

Parklon was founded in 1993 and is now the top floor mat brand in Korea, specializing in various products for baby nursery, playroom, and other spaces. The brand is constantly developing and researching innovative designs and features to provide quality for the consumers. Parklon products are currently sold all over the world, including Singapore.

What are the Features of a Parklon Playmat?

Parklon playmats come with several features that are the result of constant research and development. One of the main features of Parklon mats is the safe design and material. The mats are made with special non-toxic materials and are thicker than most playmats on the market. This ensures that the mats are comfortable to crawl, walk, and play on.

The mats are also available in a variety of styles including bumper playmats, multi-purpose mats, and even folding mats and they're all suitable for children of all ages including a newborn baby. The mats also come in various sizes and designs that will fit any space and any house theme. The playmat comes with a double-sided engaging and colourful design so that your baby can learn as they play. The mats are easy to store away, are waterproof, and are made with excellent finish ensures easy maintenance and housekeeping.

What are Parklon Playmat's Best-Selling Items?

Parklon has several series of playmats that are currently available in Singapore. All of the products come with their unique features and are suitable for all rooms including the baby nursery and even the living room.

Folding Floor Mats

Parklon's folding mats are easy to move around because they are made of a lightweight foam material and can be folded up into a convenient carrying case. The folding mats are also great for outdoor use because it's water-resistant and easy to clean.

Pure Bubble Up Mats

Pure Bubble Up Mats are 4cm in thickness, allowing them to be used as both a playmat and a mattress. The thick material has great noise-absorption properties which can alleviate issues associated with noise complaints in apartment buildings, perfect for families who live in flats and condominiums in Singapore.

Round Mats

The Round mats add something special to the room with their unique circular shape. The mats are made with soft cushion foam, perfect for even a newborn baby.