It’s always a hard time when your equipment or electronic devices are not protected enough. So why not even the odds by investing in a quality hard case? Pelican has 40 years of protection experience that you can rely on. Pelican Singapore does not only offer cases but also market coolers, flashlights, and backpacks. You can read more about Pelican Singapore below.

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Pelican Singapore: Don’t Make the Hard Choice, Get a Hard Case Instead

Pelican Singapore: 40 Years of Protection and Still Going!

Born from the inspirational recognition of the need of rugged flashlights and cases that wouldn’t leak for diving activities, founder Dave Parker along with his wife Arline, begun to build the foundation of the Pelican brand. Through the years of hard work and dedication, the first product from their beloved Pelican brand, the Pelican Float, became a hit and later inspired the creation of the legendary SabreLite flashlight and Protector Cases.

After many other successful releases, in 2004, the Pelican brand was acquired by a private equity firm Behrman Capital and through this, the Pelican brand grew substantially. Most recently, with the acquisition of the industry’s leading manufacturers of temperature controlled shipping containers, Minnesota Thermal Science and Cool Logistics, the Pelican brand successfully integrated them both to manufacture the Pelican BioThermal—the world’s largest temperature-controlled case manufacturers.

Read on below to find out what are some of the most popular Pelican products.

What You Can Get from Pelican Singapore

The Pelican brand is all about keeping your things safe, secured, and dry and keeping flashlights handy and equally rugged and durable. With an impressive number of athletes, celebrities, and adrenaline-junkies favouring Pelican products, you are sure to be amazed at how tough and reliable the products really are. We have a list with brief descriptions on each of the Pelican product types and we’d love it if you could read it!

Pelican Protector Cases

These cases work best for sensitive equipment since they are designed to be rugged and able to withstand the harshness of Earth’s environments. Each of the cases are equipped with an automatic purge valve that equalizes air pressure, a watertight silicone steel hardware, and double-throw latches for the very secure handling. Below is the list of products under Pelican Protector Cases:

  • Micro Cases – to protect small items like memory cards and smartphones
  • Hardback Cases – to protect larger items like tablets and laptops
  • Small Cases – to protect more dimensional items like cameras and accessories
  • Medium Cases – to protect and carry tools, laptops, camera equipment, and act as EMS cases
  • Large Cases – to protect MORE tools, laptops, equipment, and as bigger EMS cases, also to carry rifles

Pelican Storm Cases

If you ever weirdly planning to carry your laptop, camera, or run through a waterfall, tumble down a rock scree and land exactly in the bed of your truck, then you’re sure to have in mind to purchase a Pelican Storm Case. With a unique Press and Pull latch and proprietary HPX polymer that resists impacts, you can simply throw these cases around however you like. Take a look at the products in this Pelican category:

  • Small Cases – to carry your GoPros and your smartphones.
  • Medium Cases – to carry more GoPros and more smartphones.
  • Large Cases – to carry EVEN MORE GoPros and smartphones. Also act as rifle cases.

Pelican Flashlights

For people like firefighters, the police, the military, aerospace activities, industrial and consumer orientated sectors, tough lighting is a must and a very strict necessity. Pelican has a strong influence on how the lighting tools that are used by the aforementioned professionals and they nailed it. With the likings of super bright lights, waterproof lights, and tactical lights, safety is most assuredly guaranteed. Here’s what Pelican offers us in form of flashlights:

  • Small Lights
  • Medium Lights
  • Large Lights
  • Tactical Flashlights
  • Headlamps
  • Dive Lights
  • Right-Angle Lights
  • Specialty Lights
  • Super Bright Led Flashlights

The brand also offers these items from their Pelican product line-up:

  • Coolers – storage to keep your drinks nice and cool longer and more efficiently
  • Custom Cases – get a case that fits an item of your liking
  • Phone & Tablet Cases – they may be smart but they still need protection!
  • Luggage – for all your travelling needs
  • Remote Area Lights – best for camping and adventures
  • BioThermal Packaging – a groundbreaking innovation of packaging your item more efficiently and more environmentally-focused
  • Backpacks – for you walking about on unknown roads

It’s Not a Hard Choice, Only Hardcases from Pelican Singapore!

Did you know that Pelican extended their reach to Europe by crafting a new name for that particular extension? Peli Products was established in January 1997 as the European headquarters for Pelican Products, Inc. This goes to show that Pelican is absolutely serious in making its name globally and giving their competitors a “hard” time with their very lovable“hard” cases.

We absolutely love anything that could allow us to carry our laptop and smartphone through a waterfall, be thrown down from the top of it, only to land safely and securely back into our transport. That’s some good stuff right there. We highly recommend the cases from Pelican and any purchase from us here on iPrice will get you reasonable discounts and great offers.