Loved by many children all over the world, the Peppa Pig cartoon series will provide educational entertainment for everyone. Check out Peppa Pig in Singapore for the best products and click here to read about how kids can learn from the popular series.

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What children can learn from watching Peppa Pig

It is safe to say that a majority of a child's life revolves heavily on television shows as well as playing on their gadgets. Thus, it is important for parents to choose the right shows for their children to watch. This is because; whatever programs your children watch will tend to wield a considerable influence in terms of the way they think, behave, and interact. Nowadays, there is a ridiculous amount of useless content on the television. Nonetheless, we should be thankful to the creators for creating educational content for the children. Read on to learn about what are some of the lessons children can learn from watching Peppa Pig.

Linguistic skills

Although Peppa Pig snorts a lot in each episode, that does not mean that they do not know how to string sentences together. There is so much television content out there informing so much of how our children act and speak, hence it is important the shows that they regularly watch incorporate healthy habits. The best part about the series is that they actually teach children the grammatically correct way to speak even though the characters are speaking with a British accent.

Social interaction with peers

The animated series revolves around an anthropomorphic female pig named Peppa and her family as well as friends. Each of her friends come from a different species of mammals and wears clothes, lives in houses as well as drives cars. While they do behave like humans, the characters still display some characteristics of the animals that they are based on. For example, Peppa and her family snort like pigs when they are speaking to one another in English. Other than that, Peppa’s friends are the same age as she is while her younger brother George’s friends are the same age as he is. While the mammals all have anthropomorphic characteristics, other animals do not. For example, the ducks, Tiddles the tortoise, Goldie the fish and Polly Parrot, these animals remain the same and some are actually pets for the mammals. Each episode of the animated series tends to feature everyday activities, such as attending playgroup, going swimming, visiting relatives and so on. Each episode is roughly five minutes in length. The animated television series has 4 seasons to date.

Placing importance of outdoor play

In every episode, there will be an interesting activity carried out by Peppa Pig with her family and friends. It will be rare to see this Pig family spending time at home watching television and even if there was such a scene, it only serves as a purpose to go on an adventure. Instead, the show is jam-packed with activities such as camping, adventures, dinosaur hunts, swimming and much more, although Peppa wouldn't mind jumping in puddles as it is her ultimate favourite past-time. Nonetheless, the most important aspect is not the kids who are spending their time in the great outdoors as the family gets involved too. For example, Peppa's parents who are known as Mummy and Daddy Pig are never afraid to join in the fun.

Taking care of siblings

If you regularly watch the cartoon series, you would know that Peppa has a younger brother named George. To say that Peppa and her little brother are close is an understatement as they literally do everything together. Furthermore, Peppa enjoys taking care of her little brother and constantly keeps an eye on him. Nonetheless, it is not all sunshine and roses for the sibling pair as there are times where Peppa prefers to hang out with her friends leaving George feeling left out. Thankfully, Peppa still comes through at the end of the day and she would always find a way to include George in the activities.

Respecting elders

As the cartoon places importance on family time, you will never get that ill-feeling that Peppa, George or their friends are disrespecting towards their elders. This is due to the fact that Peppa's parents have taught them well. This is also due to Mummy and Daddy Pig's openness to their children. By watching these series, you can get the sense that interaction happens on a friendship level and there is an ease in the way these two generations communicate.

Having a good sense of humour

As they say, laughter is the best medicine. Laughing is an important aspect in everybody's life no matter how old you are. It features not the occasional snort and giggles but a good belly laugh which proves to best for the soul. It is a good thing that the other characters in the cartoon series are usually in high spirits and thus the show is filled with genuine, good-hearted laughter. The characters are also often seen rolling on the floor helplessly as they laugh.

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