As new expectant parents, you will start wondering how to change Petpet diapers for your newborn baby or even how to bathe your little one. Find out more by clicking here.

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How to Put on PetPet Pampers on Newborns

Knowing how to remove your baby’s napkin is as essential as knowing how to bathe and feed your little one. Even though removing your newborn’s diaper can be tricky in the beginning, after some practice, your hands will be able to swiftly deal with any smelly diapers wherever and whenever necessary. It’s like what they say, practice makes perfect!

It is important to do frequent checks on your baby’s diaper as you are supposed to change it after every poop, nap, and feed time. When you’ve discovered that the napkin needs changing, remove the diapers and proceed to clean your baby skin with gentle diaper wipes. Avoid wipes with alcohol and perfume as it can disrupt the pH of your newborn’s skin. Take note to wipe your baby’s genitals from the front all the way back to her buttocks.

After cleaning, carefully raise your baby by the ankles and slide in a clean diaper underneath. To ensure that you’ve put the napkin down the right side, check that the colourful markings are on the front facing you. Close the diaper and adjust the stretchy tabs to make sure it isn’t too tight or too loose. You can do this by checking to see if you are able to fit two fingers snugly between your baby’s stomach and the napkin.

While changing your baby’s diaper, there are a few important things or tips to note. To start, your baby’s poop will start off in a form that resembles an almost tar-like greenish substance. It may look difficult to clean but as long as you have baby wipes, those should be sufficient. When you change your baby boy’s diaper, you might want to cover his penis with a diaper or a cloth to prevent yourself from getting a surprise drench all over. Apart from that, pay attention if your baby’s diaper starts leaking because that is a sign that you should move up to a bigger diaper size.

How to Bathe Your Newborn

Before changing your babies’ diapers, it is important to keep your young one clean. As long as your baby is full-term and healthy, you are able to bathe your newborn as quickly as an hour after birth. It is not necessary to wait for your newborn’s umbilical cord stump to dry or fall off before taking a bath but just make sure your baby is thoroughly dried after every bathing session. However, bear in mind that the first bath should not take longer than five to ten minutes.

It might be difficult handling a wriggling slippery baby but always remain calm and maintain a firm grip on your newborn. Bathing your baby twice or thrice weekly is sufficient to keep them clean so just make sure to wash your baby’s face in between baths as well as her genitals and bottom after every pampers change.

Top and Tail Your Young One

Although it is okay to bathe your baby as soon as one hour after birth, some parents prefer to top and tail their babies. This process just translates to washing your baby with a warm, damp sponge or handkerchief from head to toe. Before jumping straight into it, always make sure the room is warm and that you have clean PetPet diapers and a fresh change of clothes on standby.

To “top” your baby, begin by wiping each of your baby’s eyes. You can do this by dipping a cotton wool in warm water, squeeze it out and gently wipe it across your baby’s eye. Always use a fresh piece of cotton wool to avoid transferring goo and dirt from one eye to the other. After cleaning the eyes, damp another fresh cotton wool to clean your baby’s ears. Don’t forget to wipe behind the ears because those areas have the tendency to become sweaty. After that, use more fresh cotton to wipe your baby’s face, neck creases, and hands.

For “tailing”, apart from the whole top and tail wash routine, you are supposed to clean your newborn’s genitals and bottom after each diaper change. Due to baby poo having a higher percentage in fat compared to adults’, it is important to remove all the poo from your baby’s skin. In order to protect your newborn’s skin, always look for cleansers and wipes that specially cater to babies – these usually do not contain alcohol and perfume because it can disrupt the natural pH balance of your newborn’s skin.

After every wash, always make sure to towel dry your baby. Pat her dry and pay extra attention to her creases. Always top up with a mild lotion or oil if your newborn has dry skin.

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