Fish make ideal pets as they are generally quite low-maintenance. Get the best aquariums in Singapore and read on the guide to cleaning your aquarium below.


A guide to cleaning your aquarium

It is important to clean your aquarium thoroughly as it is essential to your fishes health. There are plenty of germs that would potentially harm your fish. On the other hand, there are also helpful microorganisms such as nitrifying bacteria which helps to break down the ammonia from the fishes excretion. So, it is necessary to protect these bacteria to prevent the ammonia from reaching dangerous levels. An aquarium should be kept clean, but not too clean. Read below on the guide to cleaning your aquarium.

Begin from the bottom

The nitrifying bacteria usually grows on the surface of gravel and cannot be seen by the naked eye. Gravels provide good growth for the bacteria due to its huge surface. To prevent the bacteria from being destroyed, the gravel should only be cleaned with aquarium-temperature water. Do avoid removing the gravel from the aquarium to clean it as well as other cleaning products such as bleach or soap. A great way to clean the gravel is with a gravel vacuum, where it can be found in most pet shops. While syphoning out the old water, the flow is strong enough to cause the gravel to tumble and move. The mulm-laden water flows out of the tube into the bucket for disposal. It is probably one of the most effective ways that will prevent the bacteria from being destroyed.

Ensure that the aquarium is replaced with water that is safe for the fishes and the bacteria. Tap water will most likely contain chlorine that will potentially kill the good bacteria. To neutralize it, the water should be treated with tap water conditioner.

Cautiously maintain filters

As filter collects a lot of water over time, it should be maintained by cleaning it occasionally. Since the nitrifying bacteria grows on literally anything inside the aquarium, it will grow inside the filters as it contains some type of biological media. It is designed to provide plenty of surface area for the helpful bacteria to grow. Make sure to do your best in preserving the bacteria inside of the filter.

There are mainly two types of filters which are disposable and permanent filter media. The disposable one makes it easy to clean as it can be simply thrown out and replaced after. However, the good bacteria that grows on it will be also tossed out. Fortunately, the helpful bacteria can be grown on gravels at the bottom of the aquarium, so place as many of it as possible while using the disposable filters.

On the other hand, the permanent filter media will help protect the bacteria. As there are many parts to the filter such as sponges, ceramic noodles, and rotating biowheels, it is necessary to remove them and give it a good rinse. Avoid sterilizing the media or let it dry out.

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