Looking for quality electronic devices, gadgets, or kitchen appliances? Look no further! Philips offers you a wide variety of electronic accessories for your everyday needs at an affordable price. The electronics behemoth is known for its experience in creating top-notch electronics such as shavers, headphones and even healthcare imaging devices. Philips Singapore leads the way in world-class innovations, read below to learn more!

How do I register my Philips Sonicare toothbrush? | How do I claim my Philips warranty?


Top Philips Price List 2021

Top 10 products Price Store
Philips 4.7-50W GU10 Essential LED S$ 4.90 Lazada
Philips AC4103/00 S$ 2.04 Shopee
Philips EasyShine Ionic Styling Brush S$ 29.60 Shopee
Philips HR1559 S$ 62.50 Shopee
Philips JC303/51 S$ 24.90 Lazada
Philips NT1150/10 S$ 18.99 Lazada
Philips Saeco Super-automatic espresso machine S$ 1,888.88 Lazada
Philips 55OLED873/98 OLED TV S$ 1,839.00 Shopee
Philips FY2420/20 S$ 27.00 Lazada
Philips HD-9240 S$ 288.00 Shopee
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Philips Singapore - A Growing Innovator

For over 120 years, one brand has been a pioneer in the field of home and electrical appliances; Philips. Established in 1891 in Eindhoven, Netherlands, Philips & Co. was first founded to meet the growing demand for light bulbs following the dawn of electricity commercialization. Diversifying in personal communication devices such as radios, Philips was able to establish its name in the electric and electronic forefront.

From the sale of the first Philips radio in 1927 to the illuminating of the Eiffel Tower 10 years later, and the unveiling of the world’s first 3-D X-ray scanner in 2006, Philips prides itself on being an innovator in the health care field. These milestones were achieved through innovation and passion for its users. In 2014, Philips was listed as one of the 50 Most Innovative Companies by Fast Company. With the slogan "We deliver innovation that matters to you." Philips is committed to improving the lives of 3 billion people a year by 2025.

Philips Singapore and You

The beauty of Philips as a brand is the fact that it is an essential part of everyday life. Sufficient lighting is an essential part of comfortable living for when the sun goes down. Philips lighting was inspired when the company began and now has come a long way. New LED light bulb technology is fast catching on with the modern world as it is energy efficient and futuristic. Now you can live in comfort and save energy at the same time!

With new technology being made every day, the demand for better televisions and entertainment experience is growing steadily. Philips flat-screen televisions are another example of conveniences both at work and home that people over the world continue to enjoy. Crisp, vibrant, high-definition images coupled with rich sound depth, Philips TV gives you an audio-visual experience like no other.

Philips headphones are widely sought after as they are user-friendly, minimalistic, and produce rich sound. Simple yet functional, the headphones are popular among those using portable devices. Many a time these headphones are necessary accessories to those going jogging or hitting the gym for a workout.

One of the more popular appliances innovated by Philips is the Philips electric shaver for men. A symbol of hygiene and style, the Philips electric shaver is sleek and suave, making any man look professional and sophisticated. Suitable as a birthday gift or as a thank-you gift, the shaver makes the perfect present for the most beloved man in your life.

In addition, Philips offers hair care products such as hair dryer, hair straightener, auto curler, ionic hairbrush - all of which are equipped with the brand's best technology to help with styling your hair according to the hairdo you would like for the day.

Durability and quality

The Philips name in Singapore has lasted more than a century as a testimony to the durability and quality of their products’ workmanship. The quality of electronic products was never shorthanded or skimped on. All products go through a thorough inspection and are in compliance with U.S. and international requirements. Just ask anyone who has used any Philips electronic devices or kitchen appliances, and they will testify to the durability and quality exhibited.

Anytime, anywhere

Philips Singapore is dedicated to ensuring the best for you. Their products are available all over the country. Take a walk into a local electronics outlet near you and you’ll be sure to find all kinds of Philips appliances. Their wide variety of products and gadgets cater to people of all ages and cultures. But with the advent of the internet and information age, Philips products are now at your fingertips. The ease with which Philips products are accessible is incredible!

How do I register my Philips Sonicare toothbrush?

You can easily register your Philips Sonicare FlexCare and DiamondClean Smart electric toothbrush to enjoy six months of warranty. Just follow these simple tips and tricks.

  1. Click “Support” from the top navigation. Then choose “Register your product.”
  2. If you already have a Philips account, click on “Log in here,” and input your login credentials. If you do not have a Philips account, simply create one using your email address and a password, or by using a social media account login.
  3. Click on “Register your product.”
  4. In the text box, input the name of your Sonicare product or the model code on the bottom fo the handle. (eg. ExpertResults - name of Sonicare toothbrush OR HX751V - model ID on the bottom of the handle)
  5. Choose the model that most closely matches your handle. It does not need to be exact.
  6. Select the date of purchase (or best guess). It is optional to upload your purchase receipt.
  7. Click “Register.”

How do I claim my Philips warranty?

To claim your Philips warranty, be sure to have a valid proof of purchase such as an original invoice or cash receipt that contains important information including product serial number, date of purchase, dealer name and product model number. Contact your nearest authorised Philips Service Centre to arrange for a product repair.

Philips Singapore Products

Given the very extensive catalogue offered by Philips, here are some quick shortcuts to popular Philips products you may be interested in:

Philips Healthcare eShop

Being actively involved in the medical field, Philips now offers medical supplies that have been tested and validated to bring healthcare professionals reliable clinical readings so their equipment performs as necessary while promoting their initiatives to combat hospital-acquired infection, support developmental care best practices and deliver a superior patient experience.

With that initiative, Philips launched an online healthcare store that purveys medical products under the categories of breathing and respiratory care, consumables and accessories, diagnostic ECG, emergency care & resuscitation, hospital respiratory care, mother & child care solutions, patient monitoring as well as ultrasound.