Air fryers have become highly coveted among households that love crispy food but lead a healthy lifestyle simultaneously. With little or no oil needed, an air fryer works its magic by using super-heated air to cook food. Air fryers are versatile in the way that they can serve a variety of crispy dishes. Learn more about Philips air fryers below.


Best Air Fryers You Can Buy From Philips Singapore

Which is the best Philips Airfryer?

Best Value: Philips Viva

Comprising a 0.8L frying basket, this air fryer can accommodate food for 2 people - perfect for couples without kids. All it takes is less than a tablespoon of oil to make food turn crispy brown in 30 to 40 minutes! From grilling and baking to roasting and frying, follow the recipe book that comes included in the Philips Viva bundle for new meal ideas!

Best for Families: Philips Avance XL

For a family of 5, this Philips air fryer with a 3L frying basket weighing 1.2kg uses rapid air technology to cook various meals that require roasting, baking, frying or grilling. The rapid air technology also means this air fryer produces less smell than conventional air fryers. Instead of buttons and switches, the fryer comes with a digital touch screen for easy adjustment of time and temperature. Not only that, its smart preset button also comes in handy when saving customised settings for your favourite dishes. So next time, when you need to whip up a quick meal, the preset button will do the trick for you!

Best Multifunctional: Philips Turbostar HD9641

Designed with Turbostar technology, this multipurpose air fryer swirls hot air around the cooking basket, ensuring even heat distribution. Thus, even if you pile up food in the basket, all parts of the food will be evenly cooked without having to flip it. It requires very little oil as it does air frying in a healthier way with up to 75% less fat. It works with the Philips mobile app that consists of 200 tasty food recipes for you to try out. Easy to clean, its Quick Clean basket with removable non-stick mesh and its nonstick coated drawer are dishwasher safe.

How much is a Philips Air Fryer?

The price of a Philips air fryer ranges from S$169.90 to S$570.00 in Singapore. You can find Philips air fryers on Lazada, Qoo10, and Shopee.