Ironing may be one of the house chores that consumes a lot of our time and energy on top of doing laundry. Philips Singapore understands this pain point, hence it has developed a myriad of household electronics that make house chores hassle-free. Check out our extensive array of Philips irons with multiple handy features below.

What are the best Philips irons? | Which is the best Philips steam generator iron? | How long do Philips irons last?


All You Need to Know About Philips Iron in Singapore

What are the best Philips irons?

Philips GC4527/00 Azur Performer Plus Iron

Weighing at only 1.5kg, the Philips Azur Performer Plus GC4527/00 comes with a 2600 W heating element, offering 50g per minute steaming power at normal operation. To smooth out tougher creases on thicker fabrics, you can utilise the steam boost feature that steams at 220g per minute. Its Auto Steam Control can automatically change the amount of steam being released onto your fabric, so you'll not have to worry about selecting the amount of steam. Simply select the temperature for the garment you're ironing, and you're all set!

In addition, the steam iron's triple precision tip which is composed of a pointed tip, button groove and a sleek design of the nose, is beneficial in the sense that it can reach into the most tricky areas such as around the buttons or between the pleats. Not only that, but it is also designed with a built-in calc container that collects calc particles during the ironing process. The Self-Clean process flushes the calc out of the iron to ensure consistent ironing performance in the long run.

Philips Classic Dry Iron HD1172/01

If you're all for the classic features in a no-frills iron, the Philips Classic Dry Iron HD1172/01 is the most ideal choice for you. Besides being super budget-friendly, it is also durable and long-lasting thanks to its high-quality linished aluminium soleplate that ensures easy gliding on any fabric surfaces. Emitting 1000 W power, it is powerful enough in removing all sorts of creases. With its precise pointed tip and button groove, the Philips classic iron makes ironing around buttons and seams fast and seamless (no pun intended). As the iron takes time to warm up, all we need to do is wait for the temperature light to go on which indicates that the soleplate heat has reached the temperature you've set in the beginning.

Which is the best Philips steam generator iron?

Philips PerfectCare Elite GC9650/80 Steam Generator Iron

Equipped with a detachable 1.8-litre water tank, this Philips steam generator iron comes with a small, lightweight hand unit that weighs merely 0.8kg, making the ironing process effortless. Boasting an output of 150g per minute and up to 500 g steam boost, the Philips steam iron features the brand's unique "no burn" Optimal TEMP technology, enabling you to iron any fabric (even silk) on just one temperature setting and leave the iron face-down on the ironing board without burning anything thanks to the perfect combination of temperature and continuous steam. With OptimalTEMP technology, you'll no longer have to waste time changing temperature settings, waiting for the temperature to adjust or pre-sorting clothes.

With this Philips steam iron, you'll not find yourself panicking over a burned hole on any of your favourite fabric piece. This is especially ideal for those who are clueless about the heat setting that is compatible with a specific type of fabric. While most steam generator irons out there take some time to warm up, this Philips steam iron is rather efficient at it as it can warm up within two minutes. Another bonus advantage of this steam iron is its excellent anti-calc system. To release any calcified water, simply turn off the iron and wait till it cools down, then unscrew the rear cap of the generator unit.

Philips PerfectCare Elite GC9650/80 Specifications Summary

  • Large and detachable water tank for easy refilling
  • Water tank capacity: 1.8 L
  • Safe on all ironable fabrics from silk to denim
  • 2 minutes of heat-up time
  • Continuous steam of up to 150g/min
  • Steam boost of up to 500g
  • ECO mode allows you to save energy without compromising your ironing results
  • 2 hours of continuous use; no need to top up the water tank
  • Safe and secure carry lock

How long do Philips irons last?

On average, Philips irons can last at least 2 to 3 years. Most Philips irons also come with a 2-year warranty, which covers part replacements and product repair for free if any defect due to faulty materials and/or workmanship occurs during the warranty period.