Prepaid top up cards are a way to add on credit to a phone account that is utilizing a prepaid plan. Prepaid plans are usually utilized by the younger market, as it is generally more affordable and accessible.


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China Unicom Prepaid Top Up Cards

Prepaid Top Up Cards

Load up your phone's credits for calls and texts

In this modern age of telecommunication, calls and texts are getting more affordable. What used to be a premium service reserved for only the most fortunate of people such as the wealthy or very important figures.

Thankfully today communication is more affordable and accessible than ever before. Almost everyone has a phone or smartphone with them. However, communication through our phones is not just for entertainment, it servers as reliable method to contact others during emergencies as well.

Charges to our phone lines today come in two forms: a postpaid model, and a prepaid model. A prepaid model requires people to purchase a prepaid top up card of their telco and then key in the code that comes with it into your phone; whereas a postpaid plan lets the users pay after usage.

Benefits of a prepaid plan

Many people prefer a prepaid plan over a postpaid plan for many different reasons. With the younger market however, most of them utilize a prepaid plan instead because their parents would prefer them to have a sense of limit in usage. Here are some reasons why people opt for prepaid plans instead:

  • To have a limit placed on their usage; they cannot exceed whatever credit in their account.
  • No possible way of having any hidden charges. Some telecommunication companies are notorious for having hidden charges in postpaid plans; a prepaid plan would have no such charges because the user pays for a certain credit before use.
  • Most prepaid plans are aimed towards younger audiences, and they are usually much more affordable in comparison to postpaid plans.
  • Some prepaid brands such as Maxis' Hotlink offers a lot of benefits and rewards to its users.

Purchasing Prepaid Top Up Cards

Prepaid top up cards can be purchased anywhere today, including here on iprice. Before, they were only limited to convenience stores such as 7-Eleven. Today, they can be acquired through several different methods such as through online banking platforms, online retailers, and mobile applications of the telecommunication providers.

Each prepaid top up purchased, whether through a physical card or through an Internet top up, will have a code of sorts that is required to be input into the phone number. On cards, the number code will be hidden behind and require to be scratched to reveal it. Other forms of prepaid purchases will have the code presented on the purchase page or in the receipt.

Prepaid plans in Singapore

Singapore has many different telecommunication companies which provide a lot of valuable prepaid plans. A list of the companies are below for reference:

  • Maxis
  • Celcom
  • Digi
  • Umobile
  • TuneTalk
  • RedOne
  • XOX
  • Altel