Parenthood is no easy task, every first-time parent would definitely face many new challenges and need useful advises. Pigeon is the top producer of baby products and is actively conducting many types of research focusing on babies and mother needs. Pigeon is a Japanese brand that dominates the childcare product line at its home country despite Japan’s low birth-rat. It aims to be your one-stop solution for all your maternity to childcare needs across all families all around the world! Having a new baby means making many choices, so make the right decision and choose Pigeon with iprice.


Enjoy all the intimate first moments with your new born baby

Since its establishment in 1957, Pigeon has been growing together with millions of families, besides having a strong reputation for safe and reliable products, Pigeon also actively coordinates child care support sessions for its users. This is to help parents to appreciate every moment spent with their babies and cope with feeding, bathing, caring for this new bundle of love. Pigeon strives to be the comfort for babies and bring convenience for parents with an extensive range of products. The following are the main categories of Pigeon products.

Mother Care – Breastfeeding is essential to build a strong bond between mother and child. Ideally mothers should breastfeed their new born within the first hour of birth. However, many mothers may face difficulties when breastfeeding. Pigeon’s wide range of breastfeeding products will definitely help in creating wonderful and memorable breastfeeding experiences for both babies and mothers.

Pacifiers and Teeters – Baby’s oral health is among the most important growing aspect that is often neglected by parents. But with Pigeon Cooling Teethers, your baby’s teething pain will be taken care of. Their oral cavity development will also be trained as they bite and chew on Pigeon’s New Generation Pacifiers. Help your baby to discover new textures and satisfy their need to suck with Pigeon pacifiers.

Baby Wipes and wet Tissues – New born babies have the most delicate and soft skin so a special gentle, hydrating and hygienic wipe is required to care for them. Microbiologically tested and formulated with a special liquid that kills deadly bacteria and fungi, Pigeon’s easy one hand system wipes and wet tissues offer the best quality baby wipes. Say good bye to rashes and redness on your baby’s delicate skin!

Nursing Bottles and Nipples – Nursing can be a very uncomfortable experience for both mothers and babies at times. Sometimes it may not be possible for the mother to feed directly from her breast, but fear not as Pigeon has a range of feeding accessories to assist you and your baby. Pigeon’s Peristaltic PLUS nipples offers the most natural feeding through a bottle.

Toiletries and Skincare – Very gentle cleaning is required when your baby is less than 18 months old as their skull and skin are still not fully developed. Daily baths are needed to protect your little ones from harmful bacteria and environmental factors, so Pigeon’s mild baby skincare range is formulated to clean off dirt, drools, milk spills and disinfects their bottoms that is subjected to stools and urine. Your baby’s skin also has a lot of wrinkles and crevices that could be a resting place for sweat and dust, so remember to gently spread open these areas during bathing time!

Cleaning and Sterilizing – Did you know that the human breast milk is one of the most nutritious milk in the world? And because it has the most nutrients, breast milk that stick to the walls of nursing bottles are among the hardest to wash items. Moreover, you wouldn’t want to use strong chemicals to wash your nursing bottles as they may be too harmful to your baby. By using Pigeon Liquid Cleanser, you can remove the toughest milk stains, sterilize nursing bottles and protect your baby from germs with this cleanser that is made from edible carbohydrate derivatives.

With over 50 years of extensive research and development, Pigeon has earned a strong reputation in the child-care manufacturing line. Helping many families across the world with their children’s growth!

Coping with life as a working mother

Love is a very amazing feeling that bonds people together, especially a mother’s love for her baby. Pigeon’s two hearts logo depicts a mother’s endless love for her baby and that the company aims to be an even bigger heart by embracing both the mothers and baby’s needs. With rising living costs and a competitive working environment, many mothers need to be part of the workforce and Pigeon understand the needs of working mothers.

To help working mums to be on track with their nursing schedule, Pigeon’s Electric Breast Pump Portable is a very helpful tool. Mother who is always on-the-go will appreciate this powerful portable pump that has 6 adjustable suction pressure for extra comfort. The pump’s simple and easy to clean design also makes it a must-have item for busy working mothers who may need to not only care for her children but also the (sometimes) clueless husbands.

Pair up the pump with BPA Free Pigeon bottles that are made from premium borosilicate glass material. These bottles are made to resist high temperature and have an excellent transparency that will ensure that your precious breast milk are well-kept for your baby’s consumption later. The Pigeon Nursing Bottle with SofTouch Peristaltic PLUS Nipple on the other hand will be very helpful when your baby starts to learn to hold the bottle as it is made of Polyphenylsulfone (PPSU), making the bottle extremely durable (so it won’t break apart when it hits the floor!).

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