Camera accessories from Pixel Singapore make photographic life easier and help you take great shots. Find the best Pixel products below or check out the list of must-have accessories that are essential for your photography work.


Must-Have Accessories for Every DSLR Owner with Pixel Singapore

Camera and photo accessories are important devices that every DSLR owner needs. If you are doing plenty of photography work, then you need many accessories that will be useful in any type of situation. Otherwise, you may only need a few tools which you feel important. Whether you are a seasoned photographer or a neophyte, there’s a list of accessories that you should take with you to make photographic life easier.

Camera bag

Once you get a DSLR camera, don’t forget to buy a camera bag to protect it from damages and easily transport it anywhere. However, selecting the right one is tough as there many options out there, making it difficult to make the right decision. In most cases, people go for a small camera bag but end up replacing it in a few months since they need more room for their camera and accessories. To avoid wasting more money on another bag, it’s best to get one with more room. When it comes to the type of bag, it all comes down to personal preference. Many users like the convenience of sling-bags and shoulder bags since they can be carried on one shoulder. However, if you are carrying heavy loads, these bags can be uncomfortable and can slow you down a bit.


A tripod is important since it allows you to hold your camera at your desired position and keep it still so your photos are sharp and rich in detail. Don’t go for a cheap tripod though, choose one that is sturdy and will allow you to easily keep your camera still and not sway every time you touch your camera. Tripods from Pixel Singapore possess such features, not to mention, they can be extended to near eye-level, allowing you to shoot close to the ground.

Tripod Heads

One of the most important components of a tripod is its head which enables you to select where you shoot. Most of these are sold as a set with the tripod but you can buy them separately, allowing you to select a model that goes well with your way of capturing images. Choose a tripod head that can be used for any type of photography such as the ball head. Ball heads are perfect when the camera needs to be held at unique angles, making them the ideal tripod heads for still and macro photography. However, they can be difficult to use for shooting landscapes when you need to tip your camera up or down while keeping the horizon level in the frame.

Shutter Remote Control

A shutter remote control enables you to trigger the shutter without touching your camera, making it an essential accessory for longer exposures. In most cases, when you use the shutter manually, the tripod will wobble and cause the camera to shake, resulting in poor images. However, with shutter remote controls like those from Pixel Singapore, you can get sharp images as there is no wobble from physically linking to the camera.

LCD protector

LCD protectors are often included in DSLR camera kits but if yours doesn’t have one, then you need to get a regular screen protector. It’s inevitable sometimes that dust gets in the LCD, building up in the plastic screen protector which eventually damages the LCD. Keep in mind that a DSLR with a scratched LCD has a low resell value, so better keep it away from dust and damages.

Neck Strap

During long photo shoots, sometimes it gets uncomfortable when you carry your camera and lens on your neck. Without a neck strap, the heavy load on your neck can leave painful bruises after several hours. So, go get a neck strap, especially one that is very comfortable and can easily hold your camera, lens, and battery pack.


If you need an accessory to fade cloud or water movement in landscapes, then you need neutral density filters. They are very helpful when you want to shoot at a wide aperture in direct sunlight, allowing users to balance the exposure of a vibrant sky with a darker foreground. There are two types of filters to choose from - round and square. If you want something that is easy to use, then go for round filters. However, you should get the correct size in order to make the most out of them. The square filters, on the other hand, can only be used in certain instances in which it has to be placed in the right spot over the scene in the viewfinder.

Lens and sensor cleaners

Your camera is a valuable device so it needs to be cleaned from time to time. Cleaning it is simple: make sure you have the right cleaning tools like those from Pixel. With a blower, you can get rid of the dirt and dust off your camera and lens. It can also get rid of pollen that finds its way onto your camera’s sensor and sticks to it. After blowing specks of dirt from the camera, wipe the body and the lens with a soft cloth.