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Polaroid sunglasses in Singapore

When we think of Polaroid, a camera model comes into mind. But little do we think of sunglasses. The truth is, Polaroid sunglasses have been around for some time and have made a name for itself as brand as well as a fashion accessory. Polaroid sunglasses give you a sense of fashion that no other brand can give. Better still, Polaroid sunglasses are now available on online in Singapore. Find out more about Polaroid sunglasses in Singapore with the links below.

Polaroid sunglasses as the ultimate fashion accessories

Sunglasses make the best facial accessories. They protect your eyes from UV rays and dust, as well as give a sense of mysteriousness to a person. Add elements of suave and cool and you get Polaroid sunglasses. Polaroid sunglasses feature many trendy designs such as straight-cut lenses, round lenses, aviators, polarized lenses, Lennons, and sunglasses named after other celebrities. Polaroid sunglasses are made both for men and women. Let’s look further at what types of Polaroid sunglasses you can get in Singapore.

Choosing a pair of Polaroid sunglasses

When shopping for sunglasses, you want to keep in mind a few things. Firstly, the style of the glasses. A pair of sunglasses has to match your face cut. Next look out for the frame material. Choose one that is stainless steel to give a formal look or a plastic one for a casual look. Lastly, choose between a polarized lens or a non-polarized lens. Generally we look for glasses with polarized lenses. The only ones who won’t go for polarized lenses are pilots as it affects their eyesight.

Polaroid sunglasses for men and women

As a brand, Polaroid caters to all people. Online, you can find a wide array of Polaroid sunglasses for both men and women. Generally, Polaroid sunglasses for men come in more angular and square-ish shapes while Polaroid sunglasses for women are more curvy and round. Here are some examples of Polaroid sunglasses you can find online:

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Among the most popular Polaroid Sunglasses today are P8443 Polarized Sunglasses 9CA/L6, PLD 1012/S Polarized Sunglasses PRF/AH and PLD 6012/N Polarized Sunglasses 6LB/OZ. There are many brands out there, so if Polaroid Sunglasses are not suitable for you, you can also take a look at Mbulon, Costa Del Mar and Ray-Ban! Polaroid Sunglasses prices are usually within S$ 32.00 – S$ 228.00. Depending on your needs, you can get an Sunglasses. Most Polaroid Sunglasses used today are Yellow, White and Silver. Polaroid Sunglasses can be found on iprice with up to 28% discounts!