Hunky actor Chris Pine once said, “The only thing you sometimes have control over is perspective. You don't have control over your situation. But you have a choice about how you view it.” If there’s one view we don’t want to miss, it’s those blue eyes. See clearer and soak in the view with Police sunglasses, watches, jewels, accessories, and fragrances. For all those times you’ve felt like you needed to change your view, Police is here with tried and tested accessories to enhance your vision and style. Read more about Police Malaysia and their exciting array of accessories below.


Look "Macho" with these Accessories from Police Malaysia

Everyone with a great fashion sense knows what Police Malaysia is all about. Known mainly for their eyewear, Police is a brand for all the suave men and women. Their quality accessories make them a great companion anywhere you may go. From the comforts of the urban nest to the wild adventures ahead, you would love Police Malaysia's exciting selection of accessories. If you're the type of person who wants to look suave, check out these accessories that you can grab from Police Malaysia!

Police Eyewear/ Sunglasses

It was the eighties; an important time in eyewear fashion that marked the pivot point of when sunglasses became more than just a simple accessory but a reflection of personal style. Whether one chose to stand out or frame their face shape, Police eyewear has been gracing the faces of many since 1983. Since then, Police has released a great selection of eyeglasses with models such as the Speed 10, Block 2, Rock 1, Idol 3, Halo 2, and Wonder 2. The best thing about Police sunglasses is that you can narrow down your selection to men's, women's, junior's, and even choose what type of frame, and material you want on your sunglasses.

The brand achieved yet another milestone in 2011. This time by relaunching blue mirror lenses. This 80s trend came back with a bang thanks to Police’s use of aviator frames. This distinctive style got its upgrade via acetate and metal frames for a more rebellious and rock fueled finish. This timeless classic is easily spotted and can transform any look in an instant. It became a worldwide hit and the brand’s new rock vibe made the air pulsate with rebellious, strong and sexy vibes.

Police Fragrances

In 1997, Police launched its first perfume set. This brand extension is a testament to Police's broad reach. Fans were able to capture the brand’s scent and wear it with pride since the year 1997. Two years later, the authentic die-hard icon of the 1990s, Bruce Willis came on as an ambassador. The brand used his testimony in 1999 up until 2001. This true blue tough guy set the tone for Police fans throughout that period.

Police has a wide selection of fragrances for both men and women. Below are some of the brand's exciting fragrance collections:


Created with feminine and masculine varieties, Forbidden is inspired from seduction of two lovers with essences of lavandin, cardamom, topped with sensual musk and amber.


A fragrance exclusively for him, Legend is a unique scent with lavender, mixed romantically with absinthe and a hint of black pepper and vibrant amber.

To Be or Not to Be

With the packaging unique only to Police fragrances, the To Be or Not to Be fragrance is a mysterious scent with the masculine elegance of black pepper, and fruity notes of grapefruit topped with white amber.

To Be Rebel

Another eye-catching fragrance from Police Malaysia, To Be Rebel is a fresh take on fragrances. It has notes of violet leaves, with fruity sun-drenched grapefruit and nutmeg. Furthermore, you can smell sage and fresh oranges with a vetyver, amberwood, and white musk base.

To Be Rose Blossom

If you can't get enough of Police's exciting fragrance packaging, the To Be Rose Blossom would simply excite your senses. It's a skillful blend of fragrances including fruity citrus notes with mandarin and pear along with intoxicating Indian jasmine, gardenia, heliotrope, and a base with hints of sensual wood, vanilla, amber, and musk.

Police Watches

2003 marked the year Police launched its inaugural watch collection. The contemporary designs became a street fashion vocation, a symbol of glamor and non-conformist lifestyle. Made for those who created their own fashion rules, Police timepieces allowed wearers to exude their own swag and keep to their appointments in style. Police watches are divided into several collections, each with their own styles and designs. Police watch collections mainly include Adder, D-jay, League, Rattlesnake, Taipan, and Jet.

Police Jewellery

Jewelry lovers were all smiles in 2005, as this was the year that Police introduced its first ever jewelry collection. Combining materials like silver, matte steel, crystals and leather in a creative fashion, Police’s accessory line was one ripe with gothic inspiration and a futuristic twist. The concept of these pieces made it coveted amongst accessory fans and collectors too. You can choose from a selection of materials such as stainless steel, stone, and even leather for that rustic effect. You can choose from Police jewellery collections such as Acid, Beat, Celtic, Grinder, Megalodon, and Twin Row.

Police Leather Goods

In 2006, Police was ready to make another launch. This time, the brand branched out into bags with its European leather goods collection. Pieces that are contemporary, unique and functional are key words that described Police’s new collection. The brand’s broad range of designs that looked to the future enabled it to further establish itself as a true lifestyle accessory brand. Nothing beats functionality better than a bag. You can choose from Police's bag collections such as Pyramid Reloaded, Tolerance, Camo Packup, X-wing, Fiedal Slim, and Droid North.

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