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Looking Beautiful and Feeling Healthy with Ponds Singapore

The Healing Power of Ponds Singapore

The story of Ponds (also spelled as Pond’s) began in year 1846. Pharmacist Theron T. Pond invented a cream that was made from extracting a healing tea from witch hazel. He discovered that the extract could be used to heal small cuts as well as other ailments. He called the product ‘Golden Treasure’. After his death, the product came to be known as ‘Ponds Extract’.

Ponds’ logo is easily recognized in the world. As the brand places importance on feminine beauty, it used the silhouetted of a tulip. The logo was introduced in the 1960s and has since gone on to be a symbol of stunning, delicate feminine beauty.

Unleash Your Inner Strength with Ponds Singapore

Ponds believes that it takes “great strength to be soft”. As the world changes and becomes more unforgiving, Ponds seeks to be a brand that keeps our skin soft and beautiful on the outside. The brand has since gone on to develop many beauty products that stays true to its philosophy of ensuring that your skin will be strong inside and soft as well as beautiful on the outside. The brand offers a large variety of skincare solutions for different ethnicities, ages and lifestyles. Not only that, the brand now offers skincare solutions for men as well!

Powered by the best ingredients and technology that science has to offer, we have chosen some of the best product lines that Ponds has to offer for you to have a look at:

Ponds Acne Clear Oil Control for Him
Having problems with acne due to your oily skin? Then use this range of products from Ponds that is formulated to help you regain control over your troublesome skin. The product range contains 3 main ingredients : mineral clay, salicylic acid and witch hazel extract. These ingredients will penetrate deep into the layers of your skin to control any excess oil as well as remove any bacteria.
Ponds Acne Clear White for Her
It is never easy to get clean, acne-free, radiant skin. But now you can achieve smooth skin with this awesome skincare line from Ponds. The skincare range is formulated to have powerful active ingredients that penetrate your skin and fight the root of your acne problems.
Ponds Age Miracle Firm & Lift for Her
Youthful-looking skin is the dream and want of many women. In order to combat the signs of ageing, Ponds has created a skincare range that will strengthen your skin fibers for firmer, lifted skin.
Ponds Angel Face for Her
Angels have always been known for their clear, flawless, smooth skin. While it takes time and effort to achieve skin that is clear, Ponds offers a faster solution with this range of compact face powder. The products in this range are formulated to have moisturizing ingredients while also eliminating any skin from your face, giving you a fresh, soft, natural look.
Ponds Cold Cream for Her
Today’s makeup products are not easy to remove and require the use of cleansers that may end up harming your skin. With this in mind, Ponds came up with the idea of the Cold Cream range of products. This cleanser in this product range will deeply cleanse as well as remove all impurities (even your waterproof mascara!). Not only that, the products contains mineral oils that will nourish your skin and keep it feeling firm and youthful.
Ponds Energy Charge for Him
Recharge and revitalize your skin with this awesome range of skincare products from Ponds! This range of products is formulated with coffee bean extracts as well as cooling menthol that will give your skin that burst of energy that it requires. Give your dull, tired skin a rush of energy that will leave your skin feeling bright and energized.
Ponds Perfect Colour Complex for Her
A range of beauty products from Ponds that is great for color correction. The range of products is formulated with VB3 Colour Corrector that will reduce dark marks as well as patches. Other than that, the products are also effective in controlling your oily skin and giving you a perfect matte finish.
Ponds Pollution Out for Him
Love to be outdoors, but your skin reacts badly to the pollutants in the air? Then give this range of skincare products a try. It is designed to keep up with your active outdoor lifestyle. The skincare range contains Activated Charcoal (that deeply cleanses your skin of all pollutant) as well as Coffee Bean Icy Scrub (that will clean your skin as well as make it brighter and more energized).
Ponds Rejuveness for Her
Reverse the effects of time on your skin with this awesome range of skincare products from Ponds. The products contain lacto nutrients and collagen that will help strengthen the structure of your skin. The range of skincare products also eliminates dead skin cells and reduces the appearance of fine lines as well as wrinkles.
Ponds White Beauty for Her
Formulated with advanced pro-vitamin B3, this range of skincare products has been clinically proven to lighten up your skin. Watch as your stubborn spots fade away when you use any of the products from this Ponds skincare range as the vitamin goes to work on a cellular level to lighten up your dark cells.

    Ponds Singapore - Continued Dedication to the Pursuit of Innovative Skincare Products

    The Pond’s Institute is a part of Ponds that is dedicated to the discovery of scientific knowledge that can help aid the fight against the modern day skincare problems. With the backing of this scientific arm, Ponds continues to improve its products and amaze the world. If you are still looking for the right skincare products for your skin, then give Pond’s Skin Care products a try.