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For parents, it's always been fun to dress up their kids and make them look as fashionable as them. Many even take it to the next level by flaunting their kids, sporting some great fashion sense in social media such as Facebook and Instagram. Baby Dress and other Baby Clothing are definitely fun to mix and match because they would definitely look adorable on babies and young ones.

For fashionable wear that your kids could rock to keep up with Singaporen Fashion, Poney is the brand that offers a wide array of clothing for kids and babies. Their line of clothing ranges from outfits for different seasons to attires for different occasions.

About Poney Singapore

Poney is company that has led the retail business in Singapore when it comes to fashionable clothing and accessories for kids. Currently, it owns a sub brands which are known as: Poney, Baby Poney and Poney Infants. These brands are basically cater to the clothing needs of new born babies to kids ages 12 years old. The company was founded back in 1992 by Mr Albert Tan and his Wife Sharon Ng. Since then, Poney slowly but surely grew and became the brand that it is now. Their journey towards establishing their brand and earning the success that they have now were literally accomplished with small (baby) steps.

Why Poney Singapore?

Since 1992, Poney has been fashion forward, moving to strive for excellence and in the pursuit of perfection. There's a lot of clothing line in the market today that offers great variety of children's wear and baby clothes, however Poney will remain to be superior. Why?

  • Poney is always up to date with the latest fashion that hits the children's wear shelves. They constantly adapt to the never ending cycle of fashion, from the clothing style, shirt designs, patter, color and quality.
  • Poney is one of the most sought after brand of clothing for kids and babies because of the superior standards of it products. Each piece of clothing is created down to its finest details from its designs to its colors; the materials they use are among the finest and are meant to last.Their fabric selection is superb, giving their clothes the softest and finest quality that are tender to the skin.
  • Poney's clothing line caters not just to kids, but also to toddlers and newborn.

Poney Singapore Product Concepts

Poney Singapore is always conscious about product safety and regulation, given the fact that their products cater towards children, toddlers and infants, such measure should not go unnoticed. One of their top priorities is to ensure that their products are in line with the international safety standards. On the other hand, they aim to provide the most fashion friendly outfit there is for kids.

Brand Concept

  • Simplicity Classic - This clothing line from Poney offers a season collection of clean line and mix and match clothes. This clothing line from Poney is best suited for adventure spirited kids, who loves to explore the world with their parents.
  • Contemporary, Ultimate Comfort - Providing clother that posses a modern day style that's exquisite enough to stand out.

Retails Concept

Poney's retail concept blends contemporary style with french inspired designs. The clothes' from this concept echoes a contrast between fantasy play and modern day fashion.

Poney's Clothing Line

Poney Singapore has all of the clothes that you could probably think of for kids, toddlers and infants. Parents will surely find everything that they want and need to accessories their kids or babies, and make them look fashionable and trendy.

Babies' Clothes

Poney's wide selection for babies range from cardigans and coats, jackets, suit set, shirts, pants, leggings (for girls), polo (for boys), shorts and long pants. You baby won't go out of style and will look more adorable with Poney's fashion forward clothing line for your babies.


For the boys, Poney offers the basics, from printed shirts to pants and jeans for kids, all of which are carrying Poney's signature playful designs and prints. One of the distinctive clothing line for boys is Poney's Suit Set; it's an outfit that comes matching shirts and pants.


For the girls, Poney has a wide array of colorful skirts and dresses, leggings, long pants and shirt. They also have suit sets for girls that comes with matching tops and leggings; the shirt and leggings are printed, you can choose whatever design or print suits the style of your little girl.

Graphic Tees

Among the most pleasing products of Poney is their playfully designed printed tees. The prints are very child friendly as they are most likely to be loved by your kids. Most of the prints are abstract while there are also some that are patterns, all of which are vibrantly colourful, an eye candy that kids will find hard to resist.

Season Collection From Poney Singapore

The seasonal collection from Poney is a new initiative that they have just launched in 2015. To date, they current have 4 season collections that you could choose from:

Summer 2015

Inspired from the sunshine state of the US - Miami. The entire backdrop of this collection is the vibrant and sizzling hot climate of Miama. The Summer 2015 collection flaunts very bold and expressive graphics/prints that are simple yet fun. The outfit in this collection mostly pairs shorts with light fabric tops, a very chill outfit perfect for the sunny days.

Autumn 2015

It sports a highland countryside trend which mixes classical youth pop culture references. It sports timeless hand me down basics to glamorous customization, which aims at radiating an aura of the activist yet smart and meek youth. If there's one thing that this collection is not - it's being plain and dull. The outfit in this collection flaunts geometric prints, cable knits, twill parka jacket and funnel sleeves.

Winter 2015

This collection flaunts feminine couture mixed with masculine aesthetics. This kind of fashion has a very fancy twist, yet it has a very light hearted finish. For the boys: the outfit for winter 2015 features vintage dark indigo jeans paired with plaid shirts, emanating a very sleek yet strongly accented fashion. As for the girls: Skinny trousers paired with colored sweater; elegant yet simplistic fashion that stands out.