The South Koreans didn’t just get their drama and music right but also their educational media. Pororo is played all over the world in over 80 countries and it proves how effective the show is at teaching children without taking away the fun aspect of learning. To find out more about the animated children’s show, read the article by clicking here.


The Main Stars of Pororo Singapore

Pororo the Little Penguin is a South Korean cartoon started in 2003. Just like western-made animated series targeted for children, Pororo successfully achieved popularity and positive feedback from its audience all across the world. The show was initially produced to solely educate children. Alas, as time goes by, the creators decided to heighten the entertainment side of the show to increase their viewers and well, to make learning way more fun.


Appears In



Season 1 – Present

Pororo is the blue, little penguin that is the main protagonist of the show. He is mischievous and would often get into trouble with his friends. He lives in a tree house with his brother Crong and he has an electric guitar as his instrument.


Season 1 – Present

Crong is a little green dinasour and Pororo’s roommate. One day, Pororo discovered a dinosaur egg and adopted Crong to be his little brother. At first, Crong can only say his name to communicate but now he can say Pororo’s name and basic words. His instrument is the trumpet.


Season 2 – Present

Petty is Pororo’s female counterpart. Most of the boys in the group are shown to have a crush on her but she prefers Pororo and considers him as her best friend. She lives in a cabin and her instrument of choice is the violin.


Season 1 – Present

Loppy is a seven-year-old pink beaver and is usually the voice of reason among the group. Loppy is sensitive and shy; she enjoys cooking and baking cakes for her group of friends. Loppy plays the white piano and lives in a hollowed wooden log.


Season 1 – Present

Poby the polar bear is a teenager and older than the rest of the gang. By the fourth season he is revealed to be 17 years old. He’s wise and very gentle in nature. He likes fishing, photography, and playing the drums.


Season 1 – Present

Eddy is a brownish orange fox and is 12 years old in the fourth season. He’s highly intelligent and uses his smarts to invent new things. His creations include trains, cars, robots, flying gadgets, and more. Eddy lives in a hollowed tree stump and plays the xylophone.


Season 2 – Present

Harry is a pink hummingbird from the Summer Island. One day, he got lost and came across Pororo and his friends. He lives in a cabin inside Poby’s house and he enjoys singing, although usually not well-received by the gang.

Tong Tong

Season 3 – Present

This orange dragon has magical powers that can be achieved by repeating his name three times out loud. He can morph to a bigger dragon for long distance flying but has difficulties landing.


Season 3 – Present

Rody is one of Eddy’s robot inventions. He is a yellow robot with cat-like ears, is very strong yet lacks the necessary social skills. Rody is extremely loyal to Eddy and his friends and is obedient.


Season 3 – Present

Nyao is an extremely mischievous stuffed cat, often causing troubles for Pororo and the gang. He lives with Tong Tong and often wears a red cap.

Tu Tu

Season 4 – Present

Tu Tu is the latest addition to the Pororo world. He is a red supercar or sports car and can be found driving the gang around the village. Once he runs out of fuel, he must stay under the sun to recharge.

Why Pororo is Popular Worldwide

There are many reasons why Pororo is so well-received both nationally and internationally. However, perhaps the most important one is that children and their parents can relate greatly to the main characters. It’s due to the fact that they are anthropomorphic animals that people of every descent, social status, and background can easily relate to the characters. Pororo the little penguin and his friends do not possess blond hair or blue eyes so it is easy for people in the east to receive them. The same goes for the west; the characters do not have any South Korean features that would make it difficult for western viewers to relate to.

Pororo Merchandise for Your Little Ones

The success of Pororo the Little Penguin has given the broadcasting company and many merchandising companies to create their own little knick-knacks. Now, one can easily find Pororo toys, Pororo bags, Pororo clothing, and Pororo stationery for their children in many shopping centers and online stores.