Reminisce your childhood with Power Rangers toys, costumes and much more here in Singapore. Find your favourite characters from the Power Rangers universe and bring them to life with iprice’s selections of products. Find out more about Power Rangers in Singapore here.


Relive your childhood with Power Rangers in Singapore

Go Go Power Rangers!

Boom! There goes a flash of our childhood. If you grew up in the 90’s, you definitely would be acquainted with Power Rangers. The masked teenage heroes who fought baddies with space-age tech inspired kids all over the world to become heroes in their own world. Even in Singapore, Power Rangers brought a following of epic proportions. Kids all over Singapore wanted to have Power Rangers toys, much more to be a Power Ranger. Well, we’re in luck because today, Power Rangers toys, costumes and thousands of paraphernalia is available online. Find out more about Power Rangers in Singapore with the links below.

It’s Morphin’ Time!

If you kept up with the progress of Power Rangers, the storyline would have taken you through various seasons with new characters and best of all, awesome new powers. The story of Power Rangers saw the recruiting of high school kids who wanted to do more to help others in life to possess powers no one else had. Through the supernatural powers of Zordon, along with his robot companion Alpha-5, the teens gained strength and abilities that made them superheroes of the day.

Each of the Power Rangers were allocated with a colour coded morphing device that powered up their suits as well as other powers. Each colour signified the individual’s strength and brought out the best ability in each. There was the White/Gold ranger, Blue ranger, Pink ranger, Yellow ranger, Red ranger and Black ranger. In some episodes, there was even a green ranger.

The Power Rangers had 3 different modes of fighting bad guys; Ninja mode, Power Ranger suit and Megazord mode. In Ninja mode, the Rangers wore Ninja costumes with their signature colour and used mostly martial arts to fight crime and evil. When morphed, Power Rangers transformed into their full suits that had capability of weapons and super powers. In Megazord mode, the Rangers had the ability to control giant robots called Megazords (Zords for short) to fight the two main villains – Rita Ripulsa and Lord Zed along with their multitude of minions that try to destroy the universe. Ultimately, the Power Rangers always succeed in the war of good versus evil.

Power Rangers Toys

You don’t have to be a toy collector to enjoy Power Rangers toys. You just have to have watched the series to want one for yourself. Power Rangers toys comes in all types. You can get all kinds of Power Rangers action figures and figurines for playtime. Most of these are sold with their accessories such as canons, guns, swords and some come with removable and customizable accessories too.

Power Rangers Megazord robots are also popular choices for kids’ toys and collectibles. Some are so advanced, you can combine a few zords into one giant Megazord. For the best in Power Rangers toys, check out iprice’s selection online. From all the biggest toy merchants you can find, these Power Rangers toys make the perfect gift. Some examples of Power Rangers toys you can get are:

  • Power Rangers Dino Super Charge Deluxe Black T-Rex Zord Action Figure
  • Power Rangers Dino Super Charge 5" Plesio Charge Megazord Action Figure
  • Power Rangers Lion Cycle and Robo Knight Action Figure Play Set

Power Rangers Clothing

Here comes the fun part! Power Rangers clothing is what you want. Whether you’re a grown-up or just a kid, Power Rangers clothing gives you the ultimate selection of costumes for cosplay and daily use. Thinking of dressing up for Halloween? Got a dress-up party coming up? Go as a Power Ranger. Find your favourite Power Ranger coloured suit and get morphed to fight baddies. Some examples of Power Rangers clothing are:

  • Power Rangers Red Morphsuit Adult Costume
  • Power Rangers Pink Women’s Morphsuit
  • Power Rangers Green Morphsuit Adult Costume

Other Power Rangers products

Although the most popular of the Power Rangers series of products are clothing and toys, there are other products that make the Power Rangers famous. These include Power Rangers skin care products and Power Rangers audio & hi-fi. For obvious reasons, these are not popular in Singapore. That said, if you’re looking to get something other than toys, these are your best options.

Getting the best of Power Rangers products in Singapore

With the advent of online shopping, finding the best Power Rangers products is so easy. Some of the best-selling products from Power Rangers include Super Megaforce Wild Force Legendary Ranger Key Pack, Black/Yellow/Silver, Lion Cycle and Robo Knight Action Figure Play Set and Legacy Mighty Morphin 5-Inch Black Ranger Action Figure. Products like different types of Toys, Clothing and Audio & Hi Fi are sold by Power Rangers. Yellow, White and Silver are the most popular options amongst many Power Rangers buyers. Power Rangers products can be purchased on iprice with up to 51% discounts. What are you waiting for? Get your very own Power Rangers products today!