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Prada, a luxurious brand that is known for their quality, beauty and elegance and simplicity. Even their wallets possess the power to stop anyone in their track. Know more about Prada wallets here or skip straight to the purchasing below.

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Prada Wallets Singapore: Your luxurious money holder

Prada Wallets Singapore: It’s not just any wallet, Its Prada

You can say goodbye to boring looking wallets for Prada knows exactly what you want in a wallet. We women want the most practical, utilitarian of object to be as stylish as ever, if not why would we carry it around? We can always go old school, stuffing cards and money in our bra! Prada never fails to design jaw-dropping wallets each season, beautiful yet ultra-functional. Just their wallets alone is enough to drive any women crazy. Now, if getting a Prada wallet is in your bucket list (or even if it is not), you can always get them here. Pick the one that stole your heart (and money) from our widest range of authentic Prada wallets and be happy!

Prada Wallets Singapore: How to know which is fake and which is not

Here is all the information you need to know if the Prada that you are buying is worth your money or made in China.


Prada is known for their innovative use of high quality materials to create their wallets, purses and handbags. Here is the list of materials and what they are made from:

  • Bufalo – Buffalo Leather
  • Canapa – Canvas
  • Cinghiale - Wild Boarskin
  • Coccodrillo – Crocodile
  • Daino – Deerskin
  • Feltro – Felt
  • Lucertola - Lizard
  • Nappa – Full Grain Leather
  • Pelliccia – Fur
  • Raso – Satin
  • Saffiano – Textured Leather
  • Scamosciato – Suede
  • Spazzolato – Polished Leather
  • Struzzo – Ostrich
  • Tessuto – Woven Microfiber
  • Vela Sport – Nylon
  • Vernice – Patent Leather
  • Vitello – Calf Leather


Most products from Prada would hold the beautiful triangle logo outside, usually in the centre or the front or on the side of the bag. Some things you need to know about the logo, it should not be a daggling piece, as it should be attached securely on all corners of the bag, you should be able to feel the letters and the symbols on the logo when you run your fingers across, the colour of the logo must match or be extra close to the colour of the purse and the placement of the letters, size and the spacing must be proportionate to each other.

Interior Compartment

Most Prada bags would usually have one of these compartments:

  • Zip
  • Patch Pocket
  • Patch pocket with a snap button cover


These hardware are always in 3 colours, never a combination of both or all there colours.

  • Silver-toned
  • Gold-toned
  • Rose colour gold-toned

Authentic Card and Box

All Prada products purchased from any retailers or Prada boutiques should come with:

  • Authenticity cards
  • Box
  • Care Booklets
  • Dust Cover (bag)

If any of your Prada wallets are missing these characteristics, then they are not genuine. Time to return it back for a real one.

Prada Wallets Singapore: Your Ultimate Prada Wallet Guide

Here are the top 5 wallets that everyone have been raving about. Oh and not to mention, their best creation ever.

  • Prada Saffiano Continental Flap Wallet
  • Prada Saffiano Flap Travel Wallet
  • Prada Textured Saffiano Leather Double Bilfold
  • Prada Vitello Phenix Flap-Over Wallet
  • Prada Saffiano Leather Wallet Bi-Fold Wallet

Fill up your wardrobe with everything Prada: Prada Bags, Prada Shoes and Prada Jewellery and be a Prada queen today.