Sometimes, it’s nice to reward our hard work by buying ourselves a nice, luxurious item we would never normally buy. Prada items are great as a gift to yourself but their bigger handbags can be quite costly. Why not start with simple wallets and read about buying tips for Prada wallet Singapore in the article below?

How to choose the right Prada wallet? | Is Prada wallet good? | How much is a Prada bag?


Prada Singapore: How to Choose Prada Wallets in Singapore Without Blowing a Hole in Your Current Wallet

When that paycheck comes, sometimes it’s okay to splurge on something from your favourite high-end fashion labels. As one of the most renowned brands in the fashion world, Prada can be your number one choice. Though, starting off your foray into luxury fashion items can be daunting so it’s recommended that you start with something small and less costly.

Even if Prada has a luxury and high-fashion status, the brand’s wallet is still affordable and effective in storing all your coins, cards, and cash. Here are the things you need to consider before buying your first Prada purse.

Determine the wallet size

Some people like to keep all their receipts and membership cards in one place while others prefer to keep the essentials. If you’re the former, you need one bigger in size with pockets for your coins and your cards. If you just want to carry around cash and a few debit or credit cards, you can opt for the smaller wallets or wristlets, which are easy to carry around daily especially for quick errands.

And the colour, too

Prada wallets come in various styles and colours so they can easily suit your personal styles. Those looking for a pop of colour can go for the yellow or turquoise Prada Saffiano wallet while people who want to keep it monochromatic can choose one of Prada’s many black or white wallets. Though there are wallets with unique designs and materials, their price can skyrocket so better save it until the next time your paycheck arrives.

Search for the wallet on online retailers

If you really want those Prada wallets with unique designs, you can try looking for online retailers. You can find limited edition or special Prada wallets at discounted prices through the use of coupons and exclusive offers. Some fashion enthusiasts also sell their pre-loved limited edition Prada wallets online at a fraction of the original price.

Consider these top-selling Prada wallets

Still don’t know which Prada wallet you should invest in? Then consider these timeless classics to get your shopping started. Check out the top of this page and take home your very own taste of luxury. After you’ve found the perfect Prada wallet, the next things you may consider buying from the brand are Prada bags, shoes, accessories, sunglasses, and clothing.

Is Prada wallet good?

Prada is known to only use high-quality material for its craftsmanship, coming in a wonderful variety of sizes and colours. The brand doesn’t only come with designs for women but it also offers Prada men’s wallet. For a playful and up-to-date look, the brand offers colourful printed design while the solid neutral tone is also available for a classic approach. If you prefer something more luxurious, a Prada Saffiano leather wallet is the one for you.

How much is a Prada bag?

On average, the price of Prada bags in Singapore ranges from S$ 75.00 up to S$ 4,419.00. Compare prices from merchants like Zalora, Farfetch, and Shopee, and discover bags and wallets from other high-end brands like Gucci, Fendi, and Chanel on iPrice Singapore.