Among the many fashion retailers in the world, Pull and Bear stands out because of its high quality and affordable clothing items. Hailing all the way from Spain, Pull and Bear Singapore has all the necessary pieces you need to help you build the best wardrobe around. Read more about Pull and Bear Singapore below.


Versatile and Essential Pieces from Pull and Bear Singapore

Operating under the same company that brought you Zara, Massimo Dutti, and Bershka, Pull and Bear Singapore is targeted more towards the younger generation with its constantly rotating clothing collections. The company's clothing items are described as having a very casual, laid-back vibe, urban, and up-to-date with the latest trends and popular culture.

Pull and Bear Singapore is perfect if you're looking for everyday wear that are on top of the fashion trends without the skyrocketing price tag. From various tops to shoes, Pull and Bear has everything you need to emulate today's millennials' fashion while staying under budget.

Graphic Tees

These Pull and Bear shirts comprise of band tees, shirts with witty statements or memes, shirts with patterns, and aesthetic tees for both men and women. Among all the graphic tees that Pull and Bear carries, the striped shirts remain the most popular. Whether it's horizontal or vertical stripes, these shirts are always added into the brand's best-sellers list. Since striped shirts are easy to pair no matter what color and design they come in, it's no wonder so many young people opt for these Pull and Bear shirts. Just pair them with some blue jeans and sneakers and you're good to go.

Cami Tops

For the ladies, cami tops are a middle ground between sultry and sophisticated. When paired the right way, cami tops can bring out the inner baddie in you. Thankfully, Pull and Bear Singapore also offers cami tops in various colors and designs, made to accentuate the best parts of you. You can opt for a silk or velvet cami top with a pencil skirt or high-waisted jeans, finished off with your favorite pair of heels for a girl's night out. For a casual look, put a bomber jacket over the cami top, put on your preferred trouser or skirt, and your favorite shoes.

Bomber Jacket

A nice, high-quality bomber jacket is all you need to truly elevate your ensemble to the next level. The men and women's bomber jackets from Pull and Bear Singapore are so easy to style and comes in a variety of designs and colors to match with all of your style preferences. Bomber jackets can also come in their own hood and Pull and Bear hoodies are some of the most comfortable and warm, perfect to wear in the cold classroom or office. You can pair the bomber jacket with literally anything, whether it be a midi pleat skirt, sweatpants, or a little black dress, the options are endless.

Mom Jeans

It's been established that high-waisted jeans are all the rage because the elongate your legs, but mom jeans are also as trendy. Since high-waisted jeans from Pull and Bear Singapore are mostly skinny fit jeans, these Pull and Bear jeans provide ample room for you to move around if you dislike the feeling of tight clothing. To style the mom jeans, make sure you balance out the bagginess with a fitting top. For the shoes, you can either opt for sneakers or strappy heels and even ankle boots. Be warned, though, as those with bigger thighs might have a harder time pulling off the mom jeans from Pull and Bear SG.

All-White Sneakers

Since the rise in popularity of Adidas Stan Smith and Superstars, so many brands have released their own versions of the popular all-white sneakers. Pull and Bear Singapore also has their own all-white sneakers in various designs including suede, platform, and creepers. Since white can easily go with anything, these Pull and Bear shoes can be worn to any occasions. Whether you're going to work with your office wear, going out for errands in your mom jeans, or to a party with your little black dress, you can always rely on the all-white sneakers from Pull and Bear to be comfortable and fashionable anytime, anywhere.

Ankle Boots

Last but not least, ankle boots are also all the rage these days. But not just any ankle boots; "sock" ankle boots that were popularized by luxury fashion houses like Balenciaga, Vetements, Dior, and Celine have made its way to all major retailers including Pull and Bear. Available in many different colors, ankle sock boots are typically made from velvet or cotton and are very fitted around the ankle area (resembling a sock). These boots can be worn with mom jeans, high-waisted jeans, flare jeans, skirts, dresses, and more. Just like the mom jeans, however, if you have thicker ankles and calves, you might want to avoid wearing the sock ankle boots and wear other Pull and Bear shoes instead (strappy heels, sneakers, etc.)