Puma has been one of the world’s leading brand for sportswear for over 65 years now. They have made a name for themselves creating gear for high-performing athletes. Puma’s durable jackets soon became a fashionable essential to track-and-field athletes. Find out how Puma’s jackets can help improve your athletic performance.

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Puma Jackets: Not Just a Pretty Rain Slicker

Puma is more than just training gear. With collaborations with fashion heavy hitters like the Alexander McQueen brand and BWGH (Brooklyn We Go Hard) and endorsements by the big names in sports, such as Usain Bolt and Mario Balotelli, Puma has grown into something more: a statement. Make a statement today when you train with Puma jackets.

Choose the Right Puma Jacket For You

First, decide what kind of adventure you want to have. Do you want to have a relaxed day or work up a sweat?

Fashion Jackets

If the former, Puma Singapore has a range of fashion jackets, like the Swosh AOP Windbreaker and the Fenty x Puma Off-Shoulder Padded Bomber Jacket. Unlike their sports-gear counterparts, some of these babies will feel sinfully luxurious on your skin with materials like neoprene, satin, and techno fabric. If you're that bit bolder, try on those with floral designs like the Puma x Careaux Reversible Bomber.

Jackets for a Workout

If you want something durable to keep you warm while running your next kilometre in Admiralty Park, you have a wide selection to choose from Puma’s track jackets and windbreakers. There is no one jacket that is perfect for everyone so here are some factors to consider when purchasing:

  • Breathability: The last thing you want is for your running jacket to trap perspiration, making your workout that much more uncomfortable. You can gauge the breathability of a running jacket by looking for mesh panels. For an extreme example, check out the Puma Active Women’s Cover Up which looks like it’s made completely of mesh panels.
  • Material: Most track jackets are made of lightweight material. If, however, you are looking for something a bit sturdier, fleece is the way to go. Fleece is breathable enough so that sweat does not collect but will also protect you if you are caught unawares by a sudden downpour outdoors. Avoid running in rain jackets because they are heavy and bulky and frankly, was not designed for comfort when working out. If you’re interested in fleece options, check out the Puma T7 track jacket line.
  • Weight: A light jacket is optimal for those who prefer long workouts and appreciate the option of being able to fold the jackets into their bags. Try Puma’s Techstripe Windbreaker, or the aptly named Packable Jacket. If, however, your workouts are pretty short and you like having pockets for your music player, and a hood to look like you’re up to something, you can afford something a bit heavier. Try the Hybrid Halo Jacket or the Future Jacket.

Fenty x Puma Track Jackets

If you want a mix of both fashion and track? Well, Puma’s got you covered too. They’ve collaborated with Rihanna to come out with the Fenty collection, which has gems like the Cropped-up Zip Jacket, the Kimono Tricot Track Jacket, and the Tearaway Track Jacket. If you think their names sound funky, you should try going out running in them. One thing is guaranteed, you will definitely get attention.

Complete your training gear with Puma hoodies and sweatshirts and kick your workout into high gear this year.