Looking for a stylish and fashion forward rainwear to don in this tropical climate? Then you have arrived at the right page! Read more about rainwear by Danish company, RAINS clothing Singapore here!

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RAINS in the Singapore

As a company that specializes in rainwear, RAINS is a Danish company established in 2012. RAINS specializes in elevating the traditional rubber raincoat in a high street fashion way. Thus, propelling the brand to be an internationally renowned rainwear label. Inspired by the Scandinavian weather and design heritage, RAINS’ collection encompasses a full line of waterproof outerwear, bags, and accessories to the delight of style conscious consumers.

Taking Care of Your RAINS Clothing

The composition of most RAINS jackets areof an equal mix of PU and polyester. The fabric is welded together by ultrasonic to guarantee waterproofness and weighs about 180g per square meter. Apart from that, all the fittings, zippers, buttons, and trimmers are made of materials that are meant for wet environment optimizing their clothing line for their consumers to stylishly take on any weather conditions.

The best part about RAINS clothing is how they are generally easy to care for and maintain. All jackets and coats are machine-washable at 30-40 degree celsius. To get a perfectly smooth and wrinkle free exterior, you can achieve this by ironing the inside of the jacket or coat.

Sizing Guide for RAINS Singapore

Most of the collection at RAINS are unisex meaning that there is a larger interval between the sizes and is why RAINS combines several sizes to give you a more accurate representation of their sizing guide. The sizes available from the brand are XXS/XS - XS/S - S/M - M/L - L/XL and the models available on their webpage wear a S/M for the ladies and a M/L for the men. With the idea that the rain jackets are typically worn over warmer clothing underneath, go for the size after the largest measurement that fit you. Furthermore, keep in mind that unisex jackets are generally more loose-fitting and are a half size larger than normal.

To determine your size, follow the steps below with a measuring tape:

  1. Measure the chest around the fullest part under your armpits.
  2. Measure the waist around your smallest part of your torso.
  3. Measure the hip around the fullest part (it is usually around the center of your buttocks).
  4. Measure the arm length from the neck center back to the wrist.
  5. Measure the in-seam beginning from your crotch to your ankle.

Once you’ve completed the steps, check the table below to determine your size. Remember to go for the largest measurement of your size to get the most comfortable fit.

RAINS Singapore go Drip, Drip, Drip

Singapore has an all-year-round tropical climate with plenty of rain, which is why having a good raincoat or rain jacket can be useful. What’s even better is having one that’s sleek and stylish like the ones available here on RAINS Singapore. For even more waterproof accessories, check them out here one the RAINS Singapore bag section!

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