An extraordinary brand for extraordinary people, Ralph Lauren takes you on an exciting adventure with their exciting selection of fashion items such as clothing, bags, shoes, accessories, and fragrances. Grab the hottest shirts from Ralph Lauren Singapore or read more about the brand below!

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Take your #OOTD a Step Forward with Ralph Lauren Shirts

From a brand that initially sold neckties in 1967, nobody knew that Ralph Lauren was going to be one of the biggest names in fashion today. Under the brand name "Polo", Ralph Lauren established their first clothing categories in 1993 initially specializing in menswear. Today, Ralph Lauren has become a brand of choice for many celebrities and fashion icons such as Uma Thurman, Jessica Alba, Kate Middleton, Megan Fox, Angelina Jolie, and many others. If you are looking for a brand that signifies elegance and luxury, choose Ralph Lauren.

Different Types of Shirts from Ralph Lauren Singapore

As part of their clothing collection, Ralph Lauren has a great array of shirts for men, women, and even kids. As an award-winning brand, Ralph Lauren has a reputation to keep up with in terms of quality and design. Overall, their collections exude in simplistic elegance, perfect for casual daytime #OOTDs. Here are different types of shirts that you can grab from Ralph Lauren Singapore:

Polo Shirts

A type of shirt that every fashionista must have, polo shirts are an iconic creation that stems from tennis legend and luxury brand founder Rene Lacoste. Adopting the same principles and style of the garment, Ralph Lauren further improved the design and including a women's polo shirt in their collection.

Dress Shirts

Another must-have for both men and women, a dress shirt is a type of garment which is mostly worn on formal and semi-formal occasions. Dress shirts are characterized for their long sleeves, collar, and button down opening at the middle. Simply put on a blazer and you'd be ready for your next prom. Ralph Lauren has an extensive array of dress shirts for men and women including the White and Blue Vertical Striped Dress Shirt by Polo Ralph Lauren.


A classic shirt design, T-shirts are revered to be the most common type of shirt. What makes it different from other garments is the "T"-shaped cut. There are many types of T-shirts that you can get from Ralph Lauren such as the crew-neck T-shirt, Graphic T-shirt, V-neck T-shirt, scoop neck T-shirt, and so much more.

Long Sleeves

Another type of T-shirt that you shouldn't miss out on from Ralph Lauren Singapore are long sleeve shirts. As the name suggests, long sleeve shirts have sleeves that extend from the shoulders to the wrists, covering almost all parts of the arms. Combining a long sleeve and a polo shirt, Ralph Lauren has created an exciting collection of long sleeve polo shirts Polo by Ralph Lauren Custom-fit long-sleeve polo shirt.

Henley Shirts

To put it simply, henley shirts are types of shirts that resemble a collarless polo shirt. Henley shirts can come in different sleeve lengths such as short, ¾, or long. These type of shirts can be worn from casual to semi-formal occasions chinos, cargoes, and even sweatpants. Ralph Lauren has a great selection of henley shirts such as the Polo by Ralph Lauren Textured Henley shirt and the Polo Ralph Lauren Jersey Henley shirt.

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