Raspberry Pi's inception and progress is one of the best tech stories. What started as a benevolent attempt to provide educational resources to schools in underdeveloped countries has blossomed into a whole new industry, a hobby, and an endless source of ideas, yet still holding on to their original goal. Read more about Raspberry Pi Singapore here.


10 Things You Can Do with Single Board Computers from Raspberry Pi Singapore

When you hear the word computer, you get to visualize a PC or laptop in your mind. Some may even remember the building size computers of the 1960’s before the emergence of modern computers. Only a few would get an image of single board computers, even if there was one placed in front of them. A single board computer or board contains a memory, I/O (input/output), clock, and a processor. It resembles a motherboard usually found on a PC, but it has all the features of a basic computer within its small packaging. These computer boards can be purchased to meet a number of different needs. If you happen to buy one from Raspberry Pi Singapore, then you should know how to make use of it. To give you an idea, here are the things you can do with your Raspberry Pi board.

1. Awesome Robots

With Raspberry Pi (RPi) board, you can make awesome projects such as creating a humanoid robot, robotic arms, and other examples of robots. Also, you can build drones with them which are very popular nowadays. Create your own original robot now with RPi along with your imagination!

2. Useful Desktop Computers

Set up a desktop computer with the use of a Raspberry Pi board. Add other peripherals such as a keyboard, a mouse, a screen, and a storage device to turn your computer board into a legit desktop PC. Not to mention, you have to install an operating system compatible with RPi to run programs and apps on your computer.

3. Impressive Web Servers

Launching a web server is possible through a Raspberry Pi board. Such web server can learn various programming languages like CSS, PHP, HTML, and so forth. You can also launch your own website or blog as it could handle WordPress.

4. Simple Home Alarm and Security System

Among the Raspberry Pi board’s amazing capabilities is its ability to host a simple yet impressive home and alarm security system. With the help of sensors and cameras, you can monitor and control your house while you’re away traveling or working.

5. Cool Retro Game Console

Amazingly, you can build a retro game console with the use of your Raspberry Pi board. With that, you can revisit all your favorite retro games from Gameboy, Sega, Nintendo, and arcade games. If you want to make one, instructions are available on the internet, and what’s even great is that making one doesn’t take you several hours.

6. DIY Phones and Tablets

Build your own phones and tablets with your Raspberry Pi board. Although not as impressive as company-made ones, a DIY Raspberry phone/tablet will actually work. Making one will only cost you less than 700 RM. So, look for some guides online and parts, along with your Raspberry board, to build your own phone or tablet.

7. Private Cloud Server

Store and access your files by building your very own cloud server like Dropbox. To make such, you need to have the “ownCloud” software that will operate with the Raspberry Pi board. Once everything is set, you can store your files in your own private cloud server.

8. Top-of-the-Line Media Center

A media center lets you play and organize media such as videos, audio, and photos. You can make one using a Raspberry Pi board and a compatible software called “Kodi”. Create one now so you can have a media center application for your TV and other devices.

9. Secure VPN

To protect yourself from data theft and snooping, get a Virtual Private Network (VPN), or you can make one using your Raspberry Pi board. With a VPN, you are confident to extend your private network into public places, such as when you are using a Wi-Fi connection in a coffee shop. Set up your own VPN now so you can stay secure and encrypted.

10. Functional Photo Booth

Having a party? Why not set up a photo booth so people don’t need to bother taking their own pictures. Use your Raspberry Pi board along with a camera module to make a functional photo booth.

Wrapping Up

With all these amazing applications, you might think single board computers such as RPi have the upper hand in performance over desktop computers, which is not the case. However, with recent developments, they are getting more powerful. Aside from that, they’re getting more affordable even as their capabilities have improved just like with most electronics. So, with all that, have you chosen the one you would like to build with your RPi board? If yes, invest time and effort in order to make a device you’ll surely be proud of.