Ray-Ban, the brand that truly embodies the American style in their sunglasses. They are known for their edgy yet cool, chic and stylish Aviators that remained at the top of the popularity ladder despite the change of trends and style. Know more about this great collection here.

Ray-Ban Aviator Eyecare Products

Ray-Ban Aviators Singapore

Ray-Bay Aviators: For the Shady people in Singapore

Ray-Ban Aviators are the eyewear that never lost its game in the popularity war zone. From the year it has been manufactured up to this every day, everyone is practically hooked by the true American classic. This large, teardrop-shaped lens was first designed for the U.S. fighter pilots in 1937 to protect their eyes form the vicious rays of the sun. But the aviators broke out of the cockpit confinement thanks to Tom Cruise, who was hotter than hell in a pair of Ray-Ban Aviators in ‘Top Gun’. Today, this cool piece of accessory has the ability of not only limiting the glare of the sun but also increasing your style to a whole new level. Talk about style with substance!

Ray-Bay Aviators: The different types

After reading this article, many of you would want to get a pair of Aviator ASAP. Before you go and confuse yourself with the many Ray-Ban aviators available in the market, get all the important info about these shades here.

The most popular Ray-Ban Aviator collection. These are the classic ones with the tear-drop frame shape. It defines the epitome of what a Ray-Ban Aviator should be. Available in 3 different lenses: 55mm (small/medium), 58mm (medium/Large) and 62mm (large/XL).
This aviator shield frame was once famous back in the late 90s. Though they are not seen as much today, the RB3211 is still high up the popularity ladder in Europe and South America.
Also known as the Outdoorsman, the true classic frame that people loves. Sweat bar at the top of the frame gives this shades the uber-cool look, perfect for all occasions.
Called the Shooters and created for the gents. Available in 2 different colours: Arista Gold and Black.
Though this collection is not as popular as the others, the RB3422Q is just as awesome! It brings out the best of both worlds, between the BR3025 and the RB3030.

Ray-Ban Aviators: From the sky to the screens

Though the Aviators were first designed for pilots and those in the armed forces, it was more than just a mere eye protection. This beauty entered the entertainment industry and immediately became a hit among celebrities and just anyone else. Just when you thought that no one looked cooler than a Ray-Ban sunglasses-clad Tom Cruise in the hit film, ‘Top Gun’, the movie industry proved you wrong. Here are some of the popular movies where Ray-Ban Aviators were almost their own character:

  • Zac Efron - 17 Again
  • Tom Cruise – Knight and Day
  • Bradley Cooper – The Hangover
  • Matthew McConaughey – Dallas Buyers Club
  • Sarah Jessica Parker – Sex and the City 2
  • Julia Roberts – Eat, Pray, Love
  • Hugh Jackman- Real Steel
  • Al Pacino – The Humbling
  • Nicholas Cage – Bangkok Dangerous
  • Russell Crowe – The Next Three Days

Ray-Ban Aviators: The different Lenses, the Same Singapore

Ever since Ray-Ban started the Aviator madness, numerous type of lenses have been used in the design of aviators. These lenses are created for different reasons with different properties and different beneficial features.

The very first aviators had G-15 lenses which allows only 20% of the light to pass through its bottle green glass. But because of safety guidelines, the G-15 was upgraded to the G-15 XLT which has the same function but with added UV protection, shatter resistant feature with a scratch resistant coating.
Polarized Lenses
Polarized lenses is known to block UV rays and due to their altered polarity, these lenses also reflects light. A popular piece of lens among outdoor buffs like golfers, cyclists, fishermen and race-car drivers because reflected light does not enter the eye to distort the vision.
Transitional Lenses
These type of lenses automatically adjusts the amount of light that goes into your eyes. The brighter the sun, the darker the lenses get and vice versa. Famous among individuals of all walk of life and ages.
Mirrored Lenses
Mirrored lenses have a flash coating surrounding the lens, giving them a mirrored appearance. While the wearer sees his/her surrounding with a brown tint, the mirrored lens reduces the amount of light that goes into the eye and prevents glare.