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Razer Panthera Arcade Stick for PS4
S$ 329.90

Warranty: 1-year -Premium quality Sanwa hardware components -Fully mod-capable construction -Internal storage compartments -The Razer Panthera features a Tournament Gaming Mode that allows the deactivation of the -Start/Options, Select/Share, and the PlayStation buttons -Optimized weight with non-slip rubber base TECH SPECS -10 tournament-grade Sanwa buttons -Authentic Sanwa joystick with ball top and additional bat top -Easy one-touch access to internals and storage -Fully accessible internals and storage compartments for easy modding -Honeycomb structure on the inside for easy screw mounting -Storage room for alternative bat top joystick and more -13 ft / 4 m detachable screw-lock USB cable for secure connection -Screwdriver included for modding

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