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Redragon K550 Yama S$ 142.53 Shopee
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Redragon M901 S$ 36.99 Amazon
Redragon M690 S$ 20.99 Shopee
Redragon M801 S$ 36.00 Amazon
Redragon K503 Harpe S$ 29.90 Lazada
Redragon M702 S$ 19.90 Lazada
Redragon M902 S$ 38.99 Amazon
Redragon M990 S$ 53.99 Shopee
Redragon M802 S$ 36.98 Shopee
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Redragon Singapore - Your Ticket In Conquering Any Challenge In Gaming

Even in the world of competitive gaming, gaming products such as mice and keyboards are not something that you should neglect or take lightly as they can prove to be decisive in determining the outcome of your game. In simpler words, a proper gaming gear will give you significant advantages over others in your gaming performance. More often than not, most gaming products can be prohibitively expensive as gamers have to spend substantially in getting high quality gaming gear. Even then, not all of these gaming products are able that flexible in accommodating your gaming styles. However, Redragon is one of the few brands that prove to be exceptional when it comes to designing gaming products that are both powerful and affordable at the same time. No matter what challenges that you will face in your games, Redragon will be your ticket in conquering them.

About Redragon Singapore - Building The Best Gaming Gear

Established as recent as 2012, Redragon continues to makes its mark in the world of gaming with its own unique gaming products. Despite being a young upstart gaming brand in the such niche market that can be said to be overcrowded with many brands and manufacturers, Redragon is able to enjoy its newfound popularity among gamers that recognize its gaming products that are packed with many awesome perks. In other words, Redragon is able to provide products that enhance gaming experience in terms of enhancing gaming performance as well as immersiveness in the gameplay. In just a short time, Redragon can be said to amass its own huge following as its products just resonate well in the gaming communities around the world.

When it comes to experience and expertise in building great gaming products, Redragon actually boasts even longer history that goes back even before its founding. Originally, Redragon was just a research and development company that was based in China since 1996. Before releasing its own brand in 2012, Redragon has been developing gaming products for many established companies such as HP, Dell, Razer, Asus, Lenovo and Huawei. Thanks to such extensive research and development before its debut, it is not a surprise when Redragon introduces so many groundbreaking innovations that can make the real difference through its products. Another reason behind its successes is that Redragon possesses highly advanced manufacturing facilities that come with the state of the art automated production lines and workshops. Without these assets, Redragon will not be successful in producing its own masterpieces from the drawing boards.

Redragon Singapore - Redefining Your Gaming Experience

Even with superior gaming products that can improve your gaming performance, it is still not enough when there is no synchronicity between the products and gamers. In other words, you are not reaching your full gaming potential when the gaming product is unable to accommodate your gaming style. As for Redragon, it designs and develops its products in such a way that all of them can adapt and adjust to the way you play games. In simpler words, Redragon gaming products emphasize the value of merging your gaming style with their power in order to achieve the most optimum performance. Thanks to Redragon, your gaming experience will be redefined as you will be playing your games with great synergy with its gaming products.

Incredible Redragon Singapore Products That Everyone Love

Redragon Gaming Mice

Redragon Perdition
What is amazing regarding this Redragon gaming mouse is that it is able to stand toe-to-toe with the top gaming mice from established brands in the market. When you consider its affordability, Redragon Perdition is definitely the better choice than its rivals if pricing is an issue. Featuring 18 programmable buttons, 12 of them can be found on both sides. These 12 buttons have been designed with sloped surfaces so that it will be easier for your fingers to familiarize with them. As your fingers are able to distinguish these buttons easily, you will be able to experience effortless gaming experience.
Thanks to its smooth surface that enables you to enjoy such seamless mouse movements, Redragon Perdition will be your ultimate gaming tool to win any game. As if it is not enough, Redragon Perdition also comes with 8-piece weight tuning set that allows you to set the ideal mouse weight for your hand. Armed with OMRON switches, Redragon Perdition makes any mouse clicks to be as smooth as possible.
With the capability of storing 5 onboard profiles, Redragon Perdition gives you the flexibility and freedom of getting up to 5 different personal gaming settings. These highly personalized gaming settings are your convenient way of enhancing your gameplay as you do not have to set your settings all over again before each game. At the same time, the button for you to switch between these profiles has been strategically placed on the base of the mouse so that you access it easily. Remarkably, you do not have to install any gaming software in order to enjoy Redragon Perdition fully. This plug and play gaming mouse can be utilized fully on any computer with USB port. Once you have plugged it in, you can use it and play your games right away.

Redragon Gaming Mouse pads

Redragon Archelon
A lot of people always think highly of gaming mice while neglecting the mouse pads as they see mouse pads are just accessories. However, the truth is that gaming mouse pads are different as they are engineered with the specific task of maximizing the performance of gaming mice. As such, Redragon unleashes Redragon Archelon, a truly dedicated gaming mouse pad that emphasizes the essence of efficiency. In order to make your gaming mouse moves so smoothly in a more optimal glide, Redragon Archelon utilizes silk-processed cloth in its surface. At the same time, its bottom is made of natural processed foam rubber which is suitable to all kinds of different surface materials. It also makes sure that you can enjoy such firmer and more secured grip on your desk during intense gaming sessions.
With its reinforced stiched edges that prevents deformation, you can use Redragon Archelon as it lasts longer. Thanks to itssuper-fine and high-density materials, Redragon Archelon is waterproof and you are able to clean it easily without much problem. All in all,Redragon Archelon is durable and highly flexible at the same time.

Redragon Gaming Keyboards

Redragon Karura
Tasked with supporting your gaming needs, Redragon Karura is the dedicated gaming keyboard that you need. Talking about backlighting, this Redragon keyboard gives you the option of choosing 7 different colors to set your gaming mood: red,blue, green, yellow, white, turquoise and purple. At the press of a button, it is very easy to switch between the colors and set its brightness level. Not just that, you can switch the functions of arrow keys with WASD keys.
Amazingly, Redragon Karura actually gives you a button that locks the windows key so that you can prevent the window key from disturbing your game when you accidentally press it. In addition, Redragon Karura boasts built-in wrist rest that gives ample of space for you to rest your wrist. Available in either 16.5 inch or 20 inch size, you can choose the one that suits your preference. Combined with its affordability, Redragon Karura offers something that is friendly to your wallet.

Redragon Singapore - Time To Own Your Game

Like the black dragon in crimson field in its logo, Redragon desires its gamers to soar and dominate the games with its premium quality gaming products.As more and more Redragon products arrive with the latest innovations, you should take a look atRedragon gaming products. Time to own your game with Redragon gaming products!