One of the outstanding aspects that make up Japan’s distinctive culture is its adorable characters’ design that have been made as forms of merchandise. Among the most popular mascots of Japanese “kawaii” culture, the little brown bear named Rilakkuma is widely seen especially in Asian countries and especially in Malaysia. Scroll down to enter the happy-go-lucky world of Rilakkuma!

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Rilakkuma bear - a reflection of a life with just joy and cheers

The name Rilakkuma is literally translated as “Bear in a relaxed mood”. This lovable plus bear is the prominent character of the Kawaii culture in Japan ever since its first debut on 1st September 2003. Not only in Japan where Rilakkuma is widely seen but he also appears everywhere else in the world. You must have probably come across this brownie bear and the gang at least once.

The world of Rilakkuma in the eye of the designer Aki Kondo, his “mother”, is a continuous stretch of lazy days in relaxing mood. Rilakkuma’s daily routine is one we all dream of. His day consists of listening to music, relaxing in hot springs, watching TV and sleeping. What a life! He loves pancakes, custard and omelette with fried rice and ketchup (Omurice) - cute food for a cute character.

Rooted from the daily lifestyle of the Japanese, their affection for cute things is in fact a way to release stress from the social pressure. Kawaii (cute in Japanese) is also considered as little girls and women – the most respected and protected group of community. Hence, Japanese are always attracted to all things cute and isn't Rilakkumma the cutest one?

San-X – the home of Rilakkuma and his adorable friends

Rilakkuma is marketed under the San-X retailer. San-X is famous for selling a huge line of adorable merchandise based on cute animal characters, each with a personality of its own. Other famous characters that are created by San-X include:

  • Monokoro Boo
  • Mamegoma
  • Sentimental Circus (Kuro, Mr.Bear, Pigu & Mamo, Shappo)
  • Kutsushita Nyanko
  • Kamonohashikamo
  • Mar
  • Tarepanda
  • Afro Ken

One special friend of Rilakkuma is an enigmatic white bear cub named Korilakkuma. She is like a mini-version of Rilakkuma, hence the name “ko”, which means a little kid. Alongside with them is a yellow chubby duck, Kiiroitori. He often scolds both Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma for one is being lazy and the other being mischievous.

Together, their cute characters are made into distinctive line of apparel, stationary, plush toys, toiletries, and a variety of paraphernalia, Rilakkuma has become a necessary cuteness in everyday life. Now Rilakkuma has come closer to home. Rilakkuma in Singapore is readily available to bring you the kawaii-ness you love.

Rilakkuma’s prominent role in the widespread of Japanese cute culture

The relaxed bear Rilakkuma was factually told to be found mysteriously in the apartment of an office lady and stayed ever since. The appearance of Rilakkuma is like a refreshing touch of life on the Japanese’s busy working life. Despite his laziness spirit, Rilakkuma still brings a joyful lifestyle to anyone he meets and so it is impossible to not like him!

Making his way beyond the love of Japanese, Rilakkuma was honoured as “huge hit” of Kawaii Culture by The New York Times.

Rilakkuma made an exclusive appearance on a special notebook series that was released by Bandai, Japanese toy making and video game Company.

Rilakkuma Singapore original merchandise

Little girls, boys and adults alike all surely cannot resist the cuteness of Rilakkuma. He has a huge fan base across the globe for the cheerful spirit that he spreads. If you are looking for new items to add on to your Rilakkuma collection:

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These items are guaranteed authentic and at perfect quality. You can collect all Rilakkuma products for your very own Rilakkuma house. These little colourful items can also make a perfect gift for your loved ones. Rilakumma is an ensemble of a carefree and joyful spirit, which will be a good companion for those who are too busy to just enjoy life a little more. The special effect that Rilakkuma has on cheering up our life is tremendous. Furthermore, having the brownie face of him as well as the adorable friends Korilakkuma and Kiiroitori will brighten up every corner of your house and help to wash away all your sorrow.

For students, an eye catching set of Stationery is also an effective motivation booster for inspiration usually comes from attractive surroundings. So get for your child these vibrant Rilakkuma sets of Stationery or even lunch box to make them always feel happy and refreshing!

We are sure that you all love a little decoration for your house, especially the ladies. Well, there is no one that can beat the awesomeness of Japanese lovely characters peek-a-boo from your desk or most often, in the bedroom. Rilakkuma is every Japanese house’s companions. People love to celebrate life in such simple way, being lazy with the “relaxed bear” and experience life just like him. It may sound ridiculous but most of us don’t even realise how fast life pass us by once we are too focusing on work. So let Rilakkuma be your loving friend who will ease your burdens with his adorable gang!