Augmenting the lives of Singaporeans for generations, Rinnai Singapore is a dedicated brand that always believes in providing customers with the best home & living appliances. Rinnai brings innovation, convenience, and practicality into your home with its products. Read more about the products from Rinnai Singapore below.


Top Rinnai Price List 2021

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Rinnai RB-93US S$ 437.00 Lazada
Rinnai RTL-35KS S$ 174.00 Lazada
Rinnai RH C759 SB Cooker Hood S$ 520.00 Lazada
Rinnai RB-72S S$ 331.00 Shopee
Rinnai RB-3SI S$ 519.00 Lazada
Rinnai RB-7303S-GBSM S$ 404.00 Shopee
Rinnai RH C209 GCR Cooker Hood S$ 480.00 Shopee
Rinnai REI330NP S$ 189.00 Lazada
Rinnai RB-72G S$ 374.00 Lazada
Rinnai RH S95A SSVR Cooker Hood S$ 180.00 Lazada
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Rinnai RB-93US

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Transform Your Home With These Appliances from Rinnai Singapore

Rinnai Singapore is known for being one of the world's largest cooking gas appliances suppliers and household products. Thanks to its history of spearheading innovative solutions, Rinnai has managed to make its presence known globally. As a result of many years of innovation and creativity, Rinnai has now spread to over 13 countries including Singapore, proving that the values and benefits of its products are recognized worldwide.

With an unwavering focus towards maintaining the quality, Rinnai products are built to the highest standard and never compromise on quality. This explains its growing popularity when people begin to acknowledge how Rinnai products can add convenience to their lives while educating them on values of promoting sustainability. At the end of the day, Rinnai simply just wants to offer everyone an opportunity to enjoy the smarter way of living, a lifestyle that benefits everyone and environment.

Rinnai Singapore has a wide array of home appliances for you to install at home, making it more comfortable for you and your loved ones. Equipped with cutting-edge technologies and innovative designs, Rinnai Singapore home appliances are wonderful additions to any modern household. Below are some of Rinnai’s most noteworthy home appliances:

Rinnai Water Heaters

Featuring sleek designs, Rinnai water heaters can complement any bathroom interior, while adding an elegant and modern look as well. The Rinnai Ore series of water heaters are some of the most popular amongst Singaporeans. These units are also hailed as the first LED-illuminated water heaters with its own glowing lights and indicators.

These water heaters are equipped with advanced safety features such as an anti-leak heat tank and a “Dual Over Temperature Safety Cut Off” function that auto resets the water’s temperature when it exceeds the set limit, preventing scalding and overheating. These units also have built-in surge protectors to prevent the units from being damaged due to lightning strikes and current leakage. If you’re looking for top-quality water heaters, always choose Rinnai.

Rinnai Gas Appliances

Rinnai is the master when it comes to manufacturing gas appliances. Thanks to the reliability and safety features that they offer to consumers, Rinnai gas appliances are some of the most popular units in the market and can be seen in many Singaporean kitchens. From the usual tabletop cookers to advanced built-in gas hobs, Rinnai gives you safe and durable kitchen solutions. The advanced safety features available on these models gives users peace of mind when cooking with Rinnai gas appliances. With an innate understanding about internal combustion, Rinnai also designs its gas appliances to be more efficient while providing more power at the same time, a worthy investment that enables you to save more in the long run. Install a Rinnai gas appliance to prevent yourself from spending too much on your gas bills.

Rinnai Kitchen Appliances

Rinnai also has a wide selection of kitchen appliances that you can choose from. Planning to install a cooker hood to remove unwanted contaminants from your kitchen? These hoods have strong suction capabilities that effectively eliminates the grease, smoke, and moisture out of the kitchen, leaving you with a clean environment even after cooking storm.

Apart from kitchen hoods, Rinnai is also known for its built-in ovens. These units come with a variety of functions, enabling you to bake, grill, roast, and more with a single device. These ovens are also designed to distribute heat evenly while cooking, enabling you to cook different kinds of food on different shelves simultaneously. If you are one who regularly cooks large portions of food, then a Rinnai oven is an addition to your kitchen that you should not miss out on.

Rinnai helps you materialize your dream kitchen with their exciting home appliances. Create a welcoming home with Rinnai Singapore!