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Rivari Couples Matching Rabbit Slippers
S$ 16.60 S$ 17.40
Match with your other half on something homey, like these linen slippers featuring matching rabbit motifs. The insoles are softly cushioned for utmost comfort. Color: Pink, Materials: Linen, Eva, Size: 37-38, 39-40, 42-43, 44-45, Care: N/A
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Rivari Couple Matching Slippers
S$ 17.80 S$ 29.60
Brand from China: Rivari. Color: White, Materials: Upper: PVC Outsole: Pvc, Size: 36: Suggested Size: 36, Inner Length: 23cm, Heel: 1.5cm 37: Suggested Size: 37, Inner Length: 23.5cm, Heel: 1.5cm 38: Suggested Size: 38, Inner Length: 24cm, Heel: 1.5cm 39: Suggested Size: 39, Inner Length: 24.5cm, Heel: 1.5cm 40: Suggested Size: 40, Inner Length: 25cm, Heel: 1.5cm 41: Suggested Size: 41, Inner Length: 25.5cm, Heel: 1.5cm 42: Suggested Size: 42, Inner Length: 26cm, Heel: 1.5cm 43: Suggested Size: 43, Inner Length: 26.5cm, Heel: 1.5cm 44: Suggested Size: 44, Inner Length: 27cm, Heel: 1.5cm 45: Suggested Size: 45, Inner Length: 27.5cm, Heel: 1.5cm, Care: N/A
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Rivari Couple Matching Bathroom Slippers
S$ 17.90 S$ 25.60
Brand from China: Rivari. Color: Red, Materials: Pvc, Size: 36: Inner Length: 23cm, Heel: 2cm 37: Inner Length: 23.5cm, Heel: 2cm 38: Inner Length: 24cm, Heel: 2cm 39: Inner Length: 24.5cm, Heel: 2cm 40: Inner Length: 25cm, Heel: 2cm 41: Inner Length: 25.5cm, Heel: 2cm 42: Inner Length: 26cm, Heel: 2cm 43: Inner Length: 26.5cm, Heel: 2cm 44: Inner Length: 27cm, Heel: 2cm 45: Inner Length: 27.5cm, Heel: 2cm, Care: N/A
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*Prices updated on 17 Oct 2017

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