No make-up make-up is the trend nowadays; it's impossible to pull it off without buying the right kind of make up that could provide you the right colors and shade. RMK Malaysia is famed for its make up that could blend easily with all skin types and colors, providing a natural looking no make-up make-up finish. Know more about them here!

RMK Makeup Products
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RMK Singapore: Painting Your Natural Beauty From Within

RMK Malaysia is one of the finest brands of cosmetics in New York, brought to life by its dedicated manufacturing lab at the heart of Japa:'n. Their cosmetic line has a strong affinity to New York make up and fashion scene. They have seasonal collection of cosmetics, offering vibrant spectrum of eyeshadow, lipstick, cheek color, fragrances, skin care products and technologically enhanced foundations. These beauty and wellness products are put together tediously to create the perfect cosmetic solution from RMK. Every product is designed to depict the simple yet fun make up style of NYC, brushing some professional looking touches to your skin.

RMK Singapore's Famed Cosmetic

Aside from its vividly colorful cosmetics from its core and season collection, RMK has made a mark in the makeup and cosmetic scene with its signature dewy natural glowing translucent skin. Their liquid foundation was first launched in 1997, and became famous in the cosmetic scene due to its outstanding effect on the skin, making it look glowing. This product offers a fresh take on how the skin should look and feel: adding new elements that provides a light sensation and a more natural brush color that will blend with your skin.

Their foundation evolved from layered looking to a natural and glowing shade. It will make its users appear to be naturally smooth and flawless, as if they were make-up free, while concealing their imperfections. As their make-up evolved, its specification also changed, making it more suitable and natural looking on almost all skin types.

Nature’s Bounty, Rolled into Beauty Products from RMK

RMK’s Luscious Skin Care are made from the goodness of the nature. The ingredients are carefully selected and synthesized from earth’s goodness to nourish the ability of your skin to regenerate new and healthy cells, while strengthening its texture. The regimen when using their products is pretty simple: simply apply it to your skin, no other products needed to boost its effect. The substance that composes their products are gentle to all skin types, making it a perfect match even to the most sensitive skin.

RMK is among the top contenders in cosmetics when the beauty and make up scene; they’re one of the top selling brands in Japan. Experience the wonders that cosmetics from RMK has to offer, as they open their make-up kit not just to Japan but to rest of the world.

Make up depicts the beauty that every woman has concealed from within. With RMK, inner beauty meets modern glamour, which features simple yet elegant façade.

RMK’s Progress Chart

Below is a simplified run down of RMK's milestones over the years of providing top notch cosmetics in the beauty and make up scene. Its success wasn't achieved overnight, as proven by its track record since it began its journey in 1997.

Mar 1997

Opens first RMK counter in SEIBU department store's flagship IKEBUKURO with full line of Base Makeup, Eyes, Cheeks, Lips, makeup brushes and tools.

Sept 1997

Launched additional of Skincare range (17 items), and makeup colors (11 items)

Oct 1998

Launched Creamy Liquid Foundation range.

Mar 1999

Opens first overseas counter in Taiwan.

Mar 2000

Launches "Delicious Skincare" range with a total of 13 items that draws on the natural power of edible sources.

Jul 2000

Launches RMK Official Website.

Sept 2001

Opens the first RMK flagship store at AOYAMA, TOKYO.

Apr 2002

Launched Powder Foundation N range.

Mar 2003

Launched UV protection and Brightening range (2 items)

Jun 2003

Opens the first counter in United Kingdom.

Sept 2003

Opens the first counter in South Korea.

June 2005

Opens the first counter in Thailand.

Mar 2007

Launched RMK 10th Anniversary Edition and Collaboration kit

April 2007

Opens the 2nd Flagship store in Shin-maru Bldg at Marunouchi, Tokyo.

Sept 2007

Opens the first counter in Malaysia.

Aug 2008

Opens the first counter in Singapore.

Mar 2009

Renewal of Flagship store and site in Ao at AOYAMA, Tokyo. Launched Powder Foundation EX and Concealer range (3 items)

Mar 2010

Launched Gel Emulsion Compact range.

Sept 2010

Launched Face Powder EX range.

Mar 2011

Launched Pressed Powder N range.

June 2011

Launched Online shop.

Mar 2012

Launched 15th Anniversary Edition.

Dec 2012

Store count reaches 102 counters in Japan, 47 Overseas counters (including Duty Free domestics and abroad): United Kingdom, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore.

June 2013

New Creative Director on board.

From Japan to the rest of the world, RMK Malaysia has made its way to every woman's make up kit! If you desire to look as gorgeous with that too much make up look, then click right here!

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