One of the latest YouTube series popular among kids in Korea, Taipei, France and even in Singapore today is, Robocar Poli. If you're looking for a toy that your kids are familiar with and that they will surely enjoy, here is everything you need to know about Robocar Poli as the best children's toys.


Meet the Rescue Team of Robocar Poli

The success of this show can be greatly credited to the tough yet adorable main characters, most of them are from the rescue team. Though they’re simple inanimate objects, they’re the best objects that would easily leave an imprint on the children’s memory which they could associate with the basic principles of safety. These characters are as follows:

Robocar Poli the Police

From the word itself, he’s a character that represents the police; he takes the form of a car. He is the main character of the show. He has a heroic personality, that upholds honorable virtues, willpower, and strong morale. He is the savior that everyone loves because he’s faithful to his duty as a police officer: he sees to it that everyone in their town is safe.

Robotruck Roy the Fireman

A character taking the form of a fire truck. Just like a fire truck, he is big, and big basically equates to strong. He is the character that represents strength among the team. Robotruck Roy is the member of the rescue team that watches over safety precautions and takes care of fire and the main man when it comes to rescue operations. Lastly, he’s fully equipped with different gadgets on his back, to aid the team during a rescue.

Robovan Amber the Medic

She is the medic of the team, who is a pink and white ambulance. She’s very warm hearted and is always there to aid everyone who needs taking care. Most of the time, she’s seen providing first aid to characters who had an accident and also diagnosis in helping the team understand medical situations.

Robocopter Helly the Brains of the Team

A character that has taken the form of a helicopter with a green and white color. He’s the brightest character in the team, for he always helps the team get past a difficult situation with his brilliant ideas. He’s the only one that can fly, making him very helpful in many of their rescues.

About Robocar Poli

Robocar Poli is an animated TV series that started its popularity in South Korea. It’s created by RoiVisual and launched on YouTube, instead of the traditional TV channels. This animated series was intended for children who are toddlers and preschoolers. Its first ever episode successfully aired in 2011 on Educational Broadcasting System. To date, it is on its 3rd season, producing 78 episodes by far, each running for 11 minutes.

Long before it started airing on YouTube, it became a subject for a full-length animation at the Global Animation Project hosted by Korea Creative Content Agency in 2009. The full-length film was titled Piyo Piyo Friends. In the later part of 2011, the film first made its way to local channels of France and eventually in Taiwan, where in the was dubbed in their respective dialects. Recently, it’s also set to air on a Japanese TV Channel.

On March 12, 2013, Korea Post launched its commemorative stamps for its 3rd series and sold two million copies worldwide.

The show is about a small town that has a strong rescue team that always saves the day for all of its citizens. Some of the day to day incidents that the rescue team faces are either car crash, a kid stuck on a tree house, train accidents and the like. Every episode showcases a different emergency situation where the rescue team saves a character or two. At the end of the episode, the rescue team educates the characters that they have just saved with precautionary measures to avoid danger; lessons that are best taught to children of young age.

Fun Toy Wrapped in Education and Values

Toys play a vital role in honing a child’s imagination and self-concept. Whatever things, emotion or influence you introduce to a child will build him or her as a person. That is why as early as childhood, it is important to introduce them to the right kind of influence not just limited to toys but also to the shows that they watch. Robocar Poli is not only a perfect toy for kids but also educational.

Robocar Poli is a fun and exciting toy for children to play with. Help them develop into the best version of themselves by instilling them the value of friendship, teamwork and family with Robocop Poli.