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More space on the desktop without the need to forgo all the usual functions. This and a whole lot more besides is offered by the compact ROCCAT™ Arvo. It’s the first keyboard to offer a gaming mode integrated into the numpad and unique thumbster keys. These three extra keys can be assigned macros or the practical timer function, which can’t be found on any other keyboard on the planet. Size Matters It’s no coincidence that the ROCCAT™ Arvo is part of the ROCCAT™ Smart Desktop Management System. In contrast to other keyboards, it only has a tiny desktop footprint. As a result, neither the mousepad nor mouse will get in your way – plus optimum use is made of the gaming zone. The Arvo is perfect even for arrow key gamers, who prefer to position their keyboards diagonally to the monitor and mousepad, as it doesn’t collide with the monitor or hang over the edge of the desk. Dual-Assignment Num Pad You don’t have sacrifice anything with the ROCCAT™ Arvo. The smaller size has been achieved simply by combining the numpad and arrow-key pad. This means that it has all the usual keyboard functions, yet it takes up considerably less space. It’s easy to switch between normal and gaming mode simply by pressing the mode switch button. In gaming mode the arrow keys are illuminated in blue which means gaming even in the dark isn’t a problem. What’s more, two additional, freely programmable macro keys are available which are positioned for optimum access to the left and right of the arrow keys. Unique Thumbster Keys You’ll find three further macro keys positioned beneath the spacebar. These can be individually programmed and can be easily operated using the thumb without being pressed accidently. At last, there’s something new for your thumb to do apart from just hitting the spacebar. From now on you can cast healing or attack spells with your thumb. Another unique function is the ROCCAT™ Timer which allows the time it takes for special items to revive to be timed to perfection in many games. The ROCCAT™ Timer can be executed, paused or stopped to within a fraction of a second. Perfect Keystroke It’s not just its compact design that makes the ROCCAT™ Arvo the perfect gaming keyboard. It also has an unusually positive keystroke. Because of their optimum height, keys can be pressed with particular precision. Being of medium height means they’re not just comfortable for typing; they also offer a perfect pressure point. Read more
One mousepad – two sides With two very different surface structures, the ROCCAT™ Alumic meets the highest demands of both low and high-sense gamers. Each side also features a different design. Made from high-quality aluminum, the ROCCAT™ Alumic offers maximum stability and durability. Extra-large mousepad feet ensure the mousepad stays rooted to the spot while offering the ultimate in mouse control when gaming. It also includes a gel-filled wrist rest for maximum comfort. OPTIMIZED FOR SPEED + CONTROL The right mousepad is the starting point for outstanding tracking and precise aiming. The ROCCAT™ Alumic’s two surfaces have different structures, allowing both fast as well as very controlled mouse movements. Low-sense gamers need a super smooth surface for ultimate gliding performance and fast, sweeping mouse movements. In contrast, the granular surface is designed to meet the needs of high-sense gamers. If you prefer a high mouse resolution, a structured surface is really important for outstanding tracking. ANODIZED ALUMINUM CORE The anodized aluminum core gives the ROCCAT™ Alumic incredible stability and protection against warping – yet it’s just 3mm thin, making it ideal for use either on the sofa or while on the move. In combination with the ultra hardwearing coatings of this compact mousepad – which measures in at 331x272mm – the aluminum core also delivers maximum durability. NON-SLIP, EXTRA-LARGE MOUSEPAD FEET The ROCCAT™ Alumic’s extra-large, custom-fit rubber feet ensure this mousepad will stay rooted to any desktop. Specially designed feet completely envelope each corner of the mousepad, guaranteeing maximum grip. GEL WRIST REST FOR EXTRA COMFORT The wrist rest offers comfort and fatigue-free gaming enjoyment – plus it matches the shape of the mousepad perfectly. What’s more, the flexible gel inner and elastic outer are effective at promoting ergonomic gaming. Read more
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Roccat Raivo – High-Velocity Gaming Mousepad
S$ 25.00 S$ 55.00
SUPER SLICK Unleashing the battle-ready ROCCAT™ Raivo – high-velocity gaming mousepad. The Raivo comes complete with three optimized layers – for perfect combat-precision. With a non-slip rubber back, an integrated support plate, and an innovative micro-granular surface, your ROCCAT™ mouse will glide over the Raivo like an eagle – super slick. Available in three kickass colors: stealth black, lightning blue and midnight black. MICRO-GRANULAR SURFACE WITH HIGH VELOCITY The micro-dots on the granular Raivo surface are designed with laser precision to be extra small. The result? An impossibly smooth and slick surface that your mouse will glide over without restriction, and ultra-precise tracking that will have you take your prey down in record time. The innovative Raivo surface works a treat with both laser and optical mice. INTEGRATED SUPPORT PLATE FOR MAXIMUM STABILITY Featured in the Raivo is an integrated flex-support plate, making the mousepad stable, durable and ideal for any desk or table. Since the plate is semi-flexible, it ensures the pad will never warp or lose its shape. At the same time, it is solid enough to sit in perfect harmony on whatever surface you put it in. ERGONOMIC SHAPE FOR COMBAT PRECISION The Raivo features an ingenious, ergonomic battle shield shape, so that your wrist will sit in the optimum position for avoiding muscle strain or fatigue – ideal for lengthy battles. It also perfectly complements the super slick Raivo surface, so that you can track with relative ease – not having to stress about your sleeve clashing with the mousepad. NON-SLIP BACKING FOR WORRY-FREE WARFARE Thanks to its grip-hard traction orbs, the rubber backing on the Raivo will ensure your mousepad will stay exactly where you put it – and simply won’t budge an inch. What does this mean? You can maintain unbroken concentration during hectic gaming sessions, because your mousepad won’t move around and let you down.
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Roccat Mouse Cord Clips 4 Ports USB HUB Mouse Fixed- Line Mo
S$ 20.10
Specification: Type:Mouse clamp Port:4 high speed USB2.0 Output power:500MA USB cable length:1.5m Power cord length:1.5m Maximum width/length:13cm*6.5cm Operating System:Windows XP/Windows Vista/Mac OS X Color:black Features: 1.Active USB hub including AC adapter and 4 fully powered ports. 2.Zero drag mouse clamp guarantees unrestricted movement. 3.Your desktop assistant for device and cable management. 4.Direct port access connect any USB device so it's within reach. 5.Passive use possible thanks to the supplied USB cable. 6.Secure plus stable stand with ROCCAT-style blue glow. 7.Part of SDMS organize your desktop. Product Description The first component of the ROCCAT Smart Desktop Management System (SDMS) offers you the perfect combination of style and functionality right there on your desktop. The Apuri won't just power your USB devices; among other things it'll also bring new order to your desktop by taking control of your mouse cable. USB PORTS ALWAYS WITHIN REACH The Apuri combines stability and practically in the way it takes over the job of managing your devices and cables on the desktop. The Apuri's AC adapter delivers sufficient power to supply its USB ports with a total power of 2A - allowing you to connect up to four power-hungry USB devices without data loss. And if you don't want to use the AC adapter, you can simply power the hub using the supplied USB cable. Sufficient power is always available in passive use - perfect for cell phones, cameras and other devices which don't require their own separate AC adapter. The Apuri allows you to connect everything so it's within reach, saving you the hassle of crawling around under the desk looking for ports and from the untidiness of cables hanging over the edge of the desk. SMOOTH GAMING Thanks to the flexible mouse bungee, the mouse cable in particular is optimally catered for. It is simply guided away from the mouse's gliding area so that it doesn't get in the way during game play. There won't be any rubbing on the desktop or snagging of the cable on the edge of the desk to interfere with your gaming experience - you can even adjust the length of the cable to suit, and the flexible arm optimally flexes with your movements. You'll feel as if you're using a wireless mouse, without the inherent disadvantages such as increased weight, sudden need to change batteries or long charging times. If you don't want to use the mouse bungee, it can simply be detached from the hub. The unique tripod design gives the Apuri stability even during tense gaming situations. The design fits perfectly with ROCCAT's new ‘stealth' style series. Package included: 1USB cable 1*AC power cord
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Roccat Hiro – 3D Supremacy Surface Gaming Mousepad
S$ 25.00 S$ 59.00
Product details of ROCCAT Hiro – 3D Supremacy Surface Gaming Mousepad ROCCAT™ Hiro – 3D Supremacy Surface Gaming Mousepad GLIDE TO SUPREMACY If you’re looking for a battle base offering supreme acceleration- and accuracy-enhancing properties – combined with some of the most advanced build construction ever found in a gaming pad – look no further than the ROCCAT Hiro – 3D Supremacy Surface Gaming Mousepad. Thanks to its exclusive 3D vulcanized silicone surface, mouse gliding on the Hiro is simply amazing: smooth and effortless, yet offering incredible precision. The Hiro easily boosts the speed and control of any mouse to phenomenal levels, providing demanding skirmishers the sure upper hand. And with its additional range of exclusive build innovations – including smooth, rounded edges that won’t fray – the Hiro is an ideal tool for any gamer looking to reign supreme. GET AN AMAZING LEVEL OF SMOOTHNESS & CONTROL The Hiro features an exclusive vulcanized silicone surface, with a complex 3D structure, that delivers maximum gliding speed and control on both the x and y axis – for the ultimate command capability during any encounter. GET THE EDGE Unlike most mousepads, the Hiro’s edges are smooth and rounded – quality you can see. And thanks to a power-bonded construction between upper and lower surfaces, the Hiro’s edges won’t fray – durability that translates to the longest life of battle readiness, no matter how aggressively you game. OWN WORRY FREE AND IN TOP COMFORT The Hiro’s non-slip rubber base offers a rock-steady command platform – so you won’t have to deal with inaccurate on-screen orders caused by slippage. Its solid weight also contributes to stability, providing you with additional security during hectic gaming. Plus, the Hiro features a shock-absorbing build that provides maximum comfort during even the longest gaming sessions. BATTLE UNDETECTED Thanks to its Covert-Tech surface treatment, the Hiro allows for ultra-quiet gliding – for stealthy and distraction-free commanding. DON’T WORRY IF THINGS GET MESSY An advanced Force Field protective coating makes the Hiro’s surface water resistant and easy to clean – so it’s always simple to get it in top shape for the next game. BE READY FOR VICTORY – ALWAYS We built the Hiro using only the most advanced materials and construction methods – so you can rest assured yours will provide max battle durability and performance, mission after mission, war after war.
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Roccat Siru - Cutting-Edge Gaming Mousepad
S$ 15.00 S$ 22.00
OPTIMIZED GAMING SURFACE ensures pinpoint accurate tracking with high glide and control KNIFE-EDGE THIN gives you direct and responsive feedback from your surface OPTIMUM SIZE perfect battle effectiveness with 340 x 250 x 0.45mm dimensions NON-SLIP BACKING means pad stays where you put it thanks to solid grip and hold EASY TO CLEAN engineered to last with durable, combat-ready materials TOP-NOTCH COMPATIBILITY for flawless functionality with laser and optical mice
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S$ 139.00 S$ 259.00
The new era in PC gaming has begun. The ROCCAT Sova Gaming Board has finally arrived. For decades the living room has been the near exclusive domain of console gaming. Millions have enjoyed playing on the couch, experiencing the casual ease of plug-and-play fun that comes with it. While smaller PCs and various streaming technologies have cracked the door slightly over the years, Sova kicks that door wide open. Truly bridging the gap between desk-and-chair PC gaming and living room play, Sova provides the vital key ingredient every PC gamer has lacked who wants to experience their favorite games from the comfort of a couch or chair via PC, Steam machine, or streaming device. You already own everything you need to get started - all that’s left to add is the Sova. COMFORT TESTED GAMING The ROCCAT Sova Gaming Board is the pinnacle of comfort, field tested with hundreds of hours of play specifically to accommodate couch gaming. Everything from the highly ergonomic shape built from a durable fiber/plastic blend, the cushioned underside parts, to the perfectly placed wrist-rest ensure that everything from a single game to marathon play feels exactly the same - effortless. The Sova was designed from the ground up to replace the desk and make a lap-and-couch combo the perfect match. YOUR KEYBOARD, YOUR CHOICE Coming in both mechanical and membrane keyboard varieties, the Sova provides the precise feel for every player's preference, with the same key backlighting fans of ROCCAT know and love. But there is so much more. A SUPER-CUSTOMIZABLE EXPERIENCE Choose your favorite gaming mouse (ROCCAT or otherwise) to utilize on the Sova's large, exchangeable built-in mousepad. The convenient mouse cable channel ensures you'll never have to contend with tangles. Two USB ports mean you can connect, use and charge additional devices, use your favorite headset and more. Finally, with 3D printable options on the table, you can truly create a Sova experience that is completely unique to your needs. THE EASE OF SOVA GAMING The Sova is plug-and-play simple. Be it via your Steam Box setup or standard PC, the Sova integrates flawlessly into a living room play experience that allows you to turn your television, favorite armchair, beanbag or couch into an interconnected gaming environment. POWER UNDER THE HOOD ROCCAT's most popular software features reside under the hood of Sova, making it not only comfortable, convenient and customizable, but powerful. And all of this is controlled by ROCCAT's innovative Swarm technology, which unifies all of your ROCCAT products and technology in one simple to interface with location. With lightning-fast access to system commands, vital game functions and so much more, gaming in the living room with Sova means always having an edge, all while owning the couch.
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*Prices updated on 21 Sep 2017

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