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Life made easy with Rowenta

Are you bored of appliances that breaks apart as soon as it leaves the box? Or appliances that are so noisy that even beats your baby’s cry? At Rowenta, you can say goodbye to common household appliances problems and hello to hassle free life. Their products are specially curated so that you can enjoy the benefit that life has to offer. From steam irons, handheld vacuum cleaners to man grooming kit and hair curlers, Rowenta products symbolises advance innovation + improved technology.

Rowenta, synonymous with technological innovation and performance

When a brand’s history is marked by innovation, you know that everything created by them is the ultimate best. Rowenta is one of those brands that evolves with the advancement of technology. Founded in Germany back in 1184 by Robert Weintraud, Rowenta or ‘Weintraud & Co’ (the company’s initial name) was selling products that had little in common with those of what they have today – writing implements, smokers’ accessories, toiletries.

Rowenta grew out of that field quickly and entered the world of household appliances with their refined designs and high quality products. They amazed the world with their first range of small, household electrical goods – an iron, a toaster, a coffee maker and a kettle – featuring cutting edge technology that simplified everyone’s life. Some of their greatest moments include:

  • Introduced the very first iron that has a thermostat attached to it with ceramic heating elements.
  • Launched Filtermatic, an instant best-seller - a hot plate that keeps your coffee warm.
  • Included vacuum cleaners, floor polishers and steam cleaners to their range of innovative products.
  • Launces the very first all-in-one vacuum cleaner, Bully that sucks in both water and dust.
  • Introduced the very first iron that has both ‘heat and steam’ system which provides continuous heat and steam.
  • Entered the world of personal grooming when they developed a full range of semi-professional hair styling tools.
  • Invented Dymbo, the very first compact vacuum cleaner that can be carried around on your shoulder.
  • Introduced Infinium, a bagless vacuum cleaner that represents the very essence of power, technology and design.

Rowenta is an example of a successful story that shows what continuous dedication and the advancement of technology can do. They are a brand that is committed to designing powerful and refined products, infused with a sense of confidence and well-being. Keeping up with the very essence of their company, Rowenta guarantees impeccable results through their quality products.

Rowenta, indulging in the Power of Silence

At Rowenta, they know how much people love the quiet, peaceful tranquillity around them. But some household appliances are designed to destroy this peace with their noise. Not Rowenta. Their appliances encourages the silence around you for they know that silence is really golden.

Noise-free vacuum cleaners

A vacuum cleaner is pretty much an essential piece for your living area. This efficient machine sucks up dust, fur and every different kind of allergens, giving you a healthier environment to live in. But the thing that pulls them down, the noise that is generated when in use.

Noise is the thing that source of inconvenience when we vacuum. The sound released, assessed at 80 decibels for most vacuum models is bound to compete with your favourite tv show or radio station. But being the amazing Rowenta that they are, they created machines that reduced the sound output by 3 decibels which in turn reduces noise pollution by half. Which is the exact reason why you never have to worry about disturbing your neighbour or your peace of mind with Rowenta’s range of vacuum cleaners. If you think that the power of the vacuum cleaner goes hand in hand with the noise that it creates, Rowenta proves you wrong with their extremely quiet vacuum cleaners that does not loss in performance. For Silence Force Extreme models, the sound level is reduced by 4 fold, compared to the average products in the market.

  • Silence Force Multi-Cyclonic Parquet
  • Silence Force Multi Cyclonic RO8340
  • Silence Force Extreme Upgrade RO5950

Powerful & Silent Steam Stations

Perfectly ironed clothes are often a necessity in the professional life. It’s even more important especially when there is a need to present a perfect image to the world. There are solutions that gives off excellent results especially when faced with ironing nightmares – linen shirts and linen fabrics. Which is exactly what a steam station does, giving you perfect results just like the linen shirt. The stations from Rowenta are powerful as they smooth out all types of fabric quickly and effectively. And as the water tank is a separate machine from the iron, it makes the iron lighter and your life easier, saving lots of time and effort.

But how is the sound reduced? Through the circulation of the water inside the iron’s soleplate which makes them discreet. The result, sound level reduced by 15 decibels. Thanks to the Silence Steam by Rowenta, a powerful yet extremely silent ironing is possible. They are the champion of the ironing field. Inspired by professional technology, all Rowenta steam station are made with a high pressure boiler that gives out a high pressure steam. This steam penetrates through several layers of clothing for a faster and amazing results.

  • Silence Steam DG8990+91
  • Silence Steam Extreme Eco Intelligence
  • Silence Stream DG8980+81

Rowenta, products that exceeds performance

At Rowenta, you can find different range of products that would make your life at home so much simpler and easier.

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